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Aug 31, 2009 11:49 AM

Trip planning: Bologna and Venice in late September

Does anyone have recommendations for must visit restaurants (or any sort of food) in Bologna and Venice? We'll be in Bologna for 4 nights and in 2 nights.

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  1. There are tons of recommendations for Venice on this board. Just search and you'll find restaurants, osterias, becari, etc. If you can be more specific, ie. food preference, price range, ambience, days of the week, etc, you'll probably get some good replies.

      1. re: Joe H

        Many thanks though I am there for only 2 days I will try to get into both restaurants you write about! (and will also give your risotto a try when I return home!)

      2. In Bologna, I recommend you:
        a) AL 15
        b) ALICE
        c) DIVINIS it is a wine bar and a restaurant and very interesting are their special events; maybe you can attend, if you're there in Sep 29, to their event focused on the great White Wines; anyway look at its website
        d) DUE LUNE it is a pizzeria and a restaurant, and pizza is good almost as in Naples (almost in an importan word
        )e) MARCO FADIGA BISTROT very charming for an unusual dinner not focused on local typical food
        f) TRATTORIA DEL ROSSO it is my place for lunch when I am in Bologna: cheap, good, casual, short offering and a great rate price / quality.
        The short list is in alphabetic order and it is not my personal rank.
        You will enjoy Bologna, I am sure.


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          thank you for your suggestions. I know I'll not want to leave Bologna!