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Aug 31, 2009 11:48 AM

Lunch in Westwood

I'll be working for the next few months in Westwood, around where the Providence Hwy meets 128. Any recs for lunch? All I see are chains. I like everything, but especially would love to find places that might have some spicy chow.

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  1. Nothing outstanding in that area but there is a good Chinese-American restaurant in the Holiday Inn, Bamboo, which has a very good buffet at lunch; Dedham Center has a good New American restaurant, Isabella; on Washington Street behind the Dedham Mall, The Halfway Cafe has good steak tips, burgers, steamed clams, etc; behind the stores on Providence Highway sort of hidden away is a good lunch place, The 50s Diner.

    1. excellent sandwiches and salad bar at lambert's just south of there on rt. 1. For spicier stuff, I believe there is a decent thai and an indian place in norwood on rt. 1. and in cobb's corner canton, prob 15 minutes away, there is a good korean place.

      1. 5 Guys Burgers on RT 1 in Dedham, PF Changs just opened at Leagacy Place and a few other restaurants are slated to open any day like the Met Grill. I have to agree with the Bamboo suggestion. They have sushi on their buffet and bring it out fairly often on small "boats" so it's fresh. Finz for seafoodo and there's 2 good and reasonable Italian places in Norwood, Abbondanza and the Italian Kitchen.

        1. Siam Lotus for good Thai food. Route 1 Southbound side in Norwood. It's about a 10 minute ride from where you are working, if there is no traffic.