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Aug 31, 2009 11:24 AM

Best Prix Fixe or Tasting Menu Deals in LA??

I've been seeing restaurants offering more tasting menu deals because of the tight economy and wanted to know if anyone has come across some great ones that I could check out. I'm on a budget as is everyone, but I can't sacrifice good food!

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  1. cafe del rey offers a $22 lunch (two courses) and a $44 dinner (3 courses).

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I've heard good things about Cafe del Rey and it's close by. Thanks!

      1. re: kushnerom

        they also offer an awesome happy hour deal and serve great bar food.

    2. Where, what kind of food, what kind of budget?
      You can have omakase lunch for $21 and dinner for $43 at Toshi Sushi downtown,
      $16 Sunday 3 course dinner at Allston Yacht Club Echo Park
      Roy's downtown is $30 last I heard.

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      1. re: cls

        A $16 3 course dinner? That is incredible. I am really interested in any tasting menu within my budget. So, omakase, French, whatever.

      2. we just enjoyed a 5 course tasting at Mo-Chica Peruvian (made it to 99 essentials) restaurant for $25. It turned out to be 6 courses though as there was an amuse. We haven't written it up yet, but the menu included:

        Causa with red beets/blue fin tuna, Flat scallop and seabass ceviche, barracuda cau cau, braised oxtail, and choice of three different desserts. It was by far the best deal for the money that we've spent in a long time. Unfortunately you'll have to call them to find out when they are going to have it again since it's not a daily thing.

        This is the link to the restaurant review itself, not the tasting menu.

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          I would never think of a Peruvian restaurant having a tasting menu, but the price is right and their food does look pretty yummy.

        2. I don't think you'll find a better prix fixe deal than the Sunday night supper at Dominick's. $15 for 3 courses and a carafe of house red or white wine for $10 or Moretti beer for $2 each.