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Aug 31, 2009 11:07 AM

El Tango Steak House, Great Neck LI

Anyone been? Any comments?

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  1. The food is delicious and the service is excellent! I read several reviews about the food being sub-par when it first open but if that's the case MAN things have changed! The El Tango Salad is delicious (watercress, avocado, grape tomatos, delicious shrimp) and the shrimp bisque is SO good. I also love the traditional Argentinian steak (I forget the official name on the menu) and the shrimp cocktail is as good as I've ever had. The shrimp themselves are DELICIOUS to begin with and then cooked perfectly (great consistency). The service is excellent too. Go when it's a nice night and sit outside in the back!

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      Really? These were my impressions from just a few weeks ago:

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        "yougogirl" , I disagree. I ate there three times and then gave up. I love Argentine steakhouses, the corner of Corona and Junction being a destination for me for years. This place ain't close to getting it right. The shrimp were not large "steakhouse style" shrimp and were watery. Now, maybe my young daughter is spoiled by the shrimp app at Peter Luger but even she was unhappy with them. Ceasar salad was a bore with what I'm sure is bottled dressing. The empanadas were the lone winning dish. Good dough, nicely baked to a golden brown with tasty fillings and the right amount of grease.The steak was cooked to the right doneness but had no mineral tang or funk. Not bad, but not special. The boss kept telling me how it is Black Angus, big deal, I can buy that down the street in Waldbaums. The mashed potatoes were horrible. I took a few forkfulls and tasted a strange flavor. I called over the boss and asked what spice they added to the dish and he said Nutmeg! WTF is nutmeg doing in there? Chimichurri was terrible, as was the other red salsa on the table.The Sangria was fine, and free as they had no license. Would I go back, no. As it is with to many things food related I will continue to head to Queens to get satisfaction.