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Aug 31, 2009 10:55 AM

Florida Taco spots. One place closed, but found a great alternative for Mexican food

I wanted to go to Roberto's Taco Shop (On Federal Highway in Delray Beach) but I discovered it had closed. Instead I went to Tacos Al Carbon 4420 Lake Worth Rd. lake Worth Florida.

The food was great. I had a taco de Fajita (1.99) taco barbacoa (1.74) and taco carne asada (1.74) I also got a pork tamale. My daughters had burritos -- one had the carne asada and the other had a chicken burrito (4.49 each). We got chips and salsa for the table -- homemade salsa and chips made from the leftover tortillas. Beverages were aqua fresca -- one watermelon and one pinapple.

Everything was delicious.

The place is open 24 hours a day. There is a walk up window outside for takeout orders. The place has little ambience, but you go there for the food. They have Mexican snacks and beverages.

My kids liked it so much that we stopped there before we headed out of Florida for some to go food which we heated up for dinner.

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  1. I made my first visit here a couple weeks ago and wasn't impressed with the flavor on the carne asada or the al pastor tacos with salsa verde. My comments are strictly food-based, I'm not harboring any concerns about the atmosphere or the notion of eating off a truck, I am a longtime Southern Cal taco truck patron recently relocated to south Florida.

    However, one visit does not make or break a taco truck so I will be back for a second try and for other menu selections, and hopefully I can reach a breakthrough here. The place definitely seems the real deal and I give extra points for the 24 hrs as well as the info board that highlights the truck's schedule at other WBP locations throughout the week.

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      do you think the difference is the fresh produce so close to the border in So-Cal?? or is it just skill? I have never eatin in So-Cal but found Al Carbon and found it really good of course Florida based..anybody's thoughts

      1. re: pikiliz

        I grew up in So Cal, scrounging around the taco trucks and the strip-mall joints with the list of meats in the window that most gringos would shudder at. One thing that I've found as a difference is the lack of pasilla peppers. Lots of poblanos, no pasillas. When I ask for them at farmers' markets, I get a look like I'm asking for old lawn clippings.

        These peppers have a wonderful smokey taste, lots of flavor, nice bite.

        Donde esta?

        1. re: dbarnard

          I typically buy died pasillas, which you can find at most Mexican supermarkets around town. But I haven't seen fresh ones appear that I can recall.

        2. re: pikiliz

          Well one difference -- I don't know that it's THE difference, but -- is that I find the best al pastor is roasted on the vertical spit, rotating like gyro meat (although al pastor is MUCH better than gyro meat, I know I know . . .), and my guess is that fresh roast makes the difference. I'm speculating here because i noticed in SoCal many of the trucks and good taco stands served al pastor only on weekends or certain nights when I'm guessing they were confident it would SELL enough to warrant a fresh roast. SO, maybe that's a challenge when a truck cooks al pastor and doesn't sell it out fresh, maybe it's refrigerated and re-grilled on subsequent days. I'm speculating here, but I believe that could be one difference, the freshness. I bet there's some truth there, but I'm more of an expert taco EATER than taco MAKER . . .

      2. Lots more previous discussions on Tacos Al Carbon and other trucks in there are can be found here:

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          ALL RIGHT!!! Thanks CFB, just in time for a long weekend in PB county!