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Aug 31, 2009 10:31 AM

Seafood & Paper Plates in Stone Harbor/Cape May?

hi there -
i did do a search on the area but everything either seemed to upscale or like, pancakes. my husband and i are FINALLY making it to the beach this weekend, but are from the point pleasant area and wanted to try southern beaches because we live down in cherry hill now.
i was thinking - go to the beach, pack a lunch, then maybe grab an earlier dinner somewhere where i can be dressed super casual (read summer dress thrown over + sunburn + beach hair)...typically i am lucky in finding a place with paper plates, oysters, blood mary's or BYO and was wondering if there was anything like that in or around those two areas? help. thx.

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  1. Gosh there's so many...some that come to mind:

    Quahogs Seafood in Stone Harbor 97th st

    The Windrift in Avalon (on the beach, fun Happy Hour) and you can walk off the beach to get a drink or bite to eat

    Sylvester's on 21st in Avalon, back towards the bay - BYO

    21st street in Avalon has many places... The Princeton which has been redone and an outside restaurant called...The Mermaid club (I think...) outside relaxed.

    The Lobster House in Cape May - eat outside at the raw bar or on the boat