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Aug 31, 2009 10:18 AM

blind date bar in pittsburgh?

I'm meeting my blind date in a bar. But what bar? I want a booth, not a table. I don't want an everyone-knows-your-name place. Dark and moody is a bonus. Help a guy out!

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  1. I'm sure there are plenty of bars out there with a booth, but the only one that comes to mind is Mad Mex. The South Hills and Robinson location have them in the bar area, Monroeville has them, not sure if in the bar area. Oakland does not have them from what remember, though there may be one or two tucked in the back.

    1. I think if you got together in the bar at Monterey Bay, you would not have to worry about not having a booth.

      1. My philosophy was always to pick a bar I liked, so if it didn't work out, I could still enjoy myself. I think the Tap Room at the Wm. Penn would be a good choice. But if I were still in the dating game, I'd go to Gooskis to see what she's made of ;-)

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          That's about the best darn answer ever!!!

          That being said, I'd go to Monterey Bay too.

        2. Red Room.. the original side, not r2.. they have a nice lounge to the left of the bar with couches.. very dark.. and very, very nice.

          Dish.. no booths, but such a nice bar, she has to be impressed.

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          1. re: hamm

            Dish and Red Room are probably my two favorite suggestions. What other places are kind of like that?

          2. Toast has a great bar that seems to fit all of your requirements.