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Aug 31, 2009 10:13 AM

West Village charming (French) restaurant?

Hello. I am planning a visit to NYC from San Francisco over this Labor Day Weekend and could use a good recommendation for a quaint restaurant (preferably French) to take a woman whom I've recently met out for dinner on Sunday night.

I'm hoping to spend no more than $150 (including wine) and am trying to stay in either the West or East Village because I absolutely love walking around that part of Manhattan.

Thanks, in advance, for any and all of your tips!


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  1. YOu can go to tartine and bring your own.

    1. Le Gigot is what you want. Don't go to Tartine as you'll likely have to wait in line for a seat in this small spot. Not good for a first date.

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      1. re: chow_gal

        I love Tartine, but it is not what you want for this occasion.

        I second Le Gigot. very romantic and good food. Or you could go to Gascogne on 8th ave at 18th street in Chelsea. also delicious food and wonderful ambiance.

        1. re: ChefJune

          I love Le Gigot. Sweet and romantic. If you make reservations, you miight want to request not being seated at the table for two just in side the door that requires you to sit side by side.

      2. Bellavitae, though italian, is a fantastic little romantic restaurant in the area.

        1. I went to Extra virgin in the West village and it is good and a good place for romantic, but not over the top.

          1. Le Gigot is a great choice. The Little Owl is charming too.

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              ah, also, Hundred Acres is a great romantic place.

              1. re: psybab

                We were just at Little Owl last night. Terrific food, lovely "village-y" ambience, the noise level was much louder than we remember. Le Gigot or Little Owl are wonderful choices.