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Aug 31, 2009 10:03 AM

Dim Sum in Edmonton?

Ive done some google research, and there are a lot of people who say Jumbo Dim Sum is the best in Edmonton....or Western Canada. Is it? My fiancee and I are coming to Edmonton on the weekend, and want to go for Dim Sum.

What is the best place in town? We will be staying in Sherwood Park, but driving all over town to get things done, so I dont really care where it is in town.


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  1. Hey RodVito. I don't know if you'll find everyone shares the Jumbo praise, I personally know people who like and dislike it. I'm no expert on Dim Sum in town, but can say you'll probably hear a few names besides Jumbo; Unforgettable, Cha for Tea, Golden Rice Bowl, Mirama, New Tan Tan.. Hopefully some other people chime in, look forward to hear where you end up.

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      My favourite is Unforgettable. They are fresher and seem to hand make everything. They are the best by a long shot in my opinion. No carts!

      Cha for Tea is pretty good too, although I've found them inconsistent sometimes. I think it's better to order off the menu there if you know what you want.

      I thought Jumbo was alright, but a little greasy and bland. I'd rather drive a few blocks to Cha for Tea.

      GRB was another that gets a lot of praise on this board that I just don't understand. It's very ordinary, and I have similar complaints to Jumbo, although I liked the BBQ pork buns more here. I thought their dinner menu was better than their dim sum, and even that didn't impress me very much.

      New Tan Tan I only went to once, and I remember almost nothing about it. That alone makes me think is wasn't very good.

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        I went to Unforgettable recently and the food was good and very homemade but you must wait for quite a while for your food (which was a complaint from some of the people I was with). Personally the wait didn't bother me.

        I still like Jumbo even though it's a little greasier.

    2. i like cha better than unforgettable, and i think they are the top two here. cha has better pork buns and if it is busy, selection is quite good. unforgettable takes awhile, and the buns i had were dry. but - it does appear to be mostly homemade, so bonus points there.

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        We love the Mirama..sort of the whole experience makes it fun. Probably not the best food, but it is fun.

      2. We ended up going to Jumbo Dim Sum, as we were going to be headed to WEM to hunt for Bidesmaid dresses after Dim Sum.

        Mistake. The quality of the food wasnt bad....but it wasnt great, by any means. The Deep Fried Squid was tasteless, and the Lotus Leaf Warpped Rice was undercooked. As well, the rice showed up last, when we were done everything else!
        The shrimp dumplings, pork and Shrimp Dumplings, and buns all tasted ok, but could have been frozen and steamed from a package found at T&T....nothing stood out to be exceptional.

        I guess next time we will try Unforgettable.

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          cha is very close the WEM. too bad you didn't go there.
          sorry to hear about the experience - i'll know to just stick to my favorites.

        2. I personally dislike Jumbo. Good dim sum in Edmonton, have to say, very slim pickings
          Beijing Bejing is not bad - but go early on weekends, fills up quick.