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Aug 31, 2009 09:51 AM

Great buns - Calgary

I need to purchase 12 dozen buns for beef on a bun - can anyone recommend a good bakery? Thx.

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  1. I really enjoy the Glamorgan Bakery, there hasn't been anything I have not enjoyed there.

    1. I've served beef on a bun for a crowd and find Costco's ciabatta buns are great. They don't get soggy (crispy exterior) Plus the buns are smaller than your average hamburger bun, which a lot of people like, especially if it's a buffet situation.

      If you're looking for a bigger bun, Safeway sells pretty decent french bread rolls that are about 5 inches long, which I've used too.

      1. I am mad for Eclaire De Lune's Pain du lait - order ahead - I know that "technically" it's not as appropriate as other buns, but it's the only bun in town that fulfills that white, slightly sweet flavour that echoes childhood hotdog buns. I use them for braised lamb / smoked chicken / BLT's / brisket sandwichs all the time. Pure Brilliance.