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Aug 31, 2009 09:31 AM

Vegetarian suggestions for Houston?

Hi Houston hounds,
A colleague and I are visiting Houston this week, and we're looking for some tips. Neither one of us eats meat. We are not looking for vegetarian restaurants, but we'd love some recommendations for vegetarian-friendly places. One night we're going to be near the Woodlands, so I'm particularly curious if you have suggestions for that side of the Houston metro area.


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  1. Baba Yegas - not in the Woodlands but close to downtown.

    1. Hi norton,
      I can't speak for the Woodlands, but when I entered that locale and vegetarian in this site I only found 2 entries, Other Demassis other locations are good. Also closer to metro Houston, 3 miles maybe, is Pepper Tree, casual but good.

      1. This may be too late, but most restaurants today are very vegetarian friendly, and if you don't see something on the menu, ask if they could make you a vegetarian version of whatever. Many places will accommodate your request.

        1. There are a lot of veggie-friendly places, and I agree that you will go wrong looking strictly for vegetarian places. The suggestions posted so far are good but do not reflect the magnitude of vegetarian options in our fine city!

          Assuming you are lacto-ovo, I recommend:

          Woodlands - try Americas; ask for the vegetable plate (not on the menu) and make sure they give you fried yuca and maduros on the plate (it is amazing!). Also have the coconut ice cream for dessert.

          I don't know much else in the Woodlands, but suggest these places in Houston proper in no particular order - they have different types of dress/price/genre

          t'afia (always multiple vegetarian options and they "get" vegetarians)
          Dolce Vita
          Feast (yes, they have good veggie food in a nose-to-tail place)
          Mi Luna
          Niko Niko

          There's also a sizable Indian community, where of course there will be plenty of vegetarian options.

          IMHO, it is woth coming to downtown for more options

          1. HUNAN VILLAGE on uhmm.. Shepard. VD2 (general tsou's vegetable chicken) is really really amazing.