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Aug 31, 2009 09:24 AM

Info on tickets to Le Fooding

I believe that tickets for Le Fooding at PS1 on Sept 25-26 go on sale tomorrow. But the website has scant information. You still need a ciode to buy tickets- which I have not been able to find anywhere.
Does anyone have any informtion on how to score tickets for this event.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Tried that Kathryn- no code came up. Do you know it?

      1. re: Ann900

        Hmm, I guess they took it down. This weekend it was a form where you put in your name and email and they mailed you a one time use, personal code. So you can't share codes, they expire as soon as one person uses it. I guess they're not giving out any more.

    2. I was able to get two tickets last week, heres how it worked for me:

      Last monday, I used the link momofuku had on their website, requested a code on the le fooding website., and was promptly emailed the access code. I to request two tickets to saturday night on the website, but was never asked to give any payment info or anything. The next day I I got an email from action against hunger asking for my credit card info, and after I emailed them back my credit card number (I could of called them directly as well), they then finally sent me a receipt, and charged my card.

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      1. re: quizkiddonniesmith

        Exact same thing happened to me, only once I got the email asking for credit card info, I replied back begging for a VIP ticket, since they were already sold out by the time I tried to buy my ticket the first time. (Which, note, was about 20 minutes after seriouseats posted the link. Those VIPs must move fast, man!). Response back was no dice on the VIP, but of course I was still able to buy the tickets I had originally requested. Hey, I figured it was worth a shot. :-D Looking forward to the event!

      2. Thanks all for your quick response. Guess I'm out of luck.

        1. i doubt there are any secret codes for presale tix left. you'll have to wait until sept (15th i think) in order to try to purchase the tix.

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          1. re: tkm616

            Just spoke tosomeone running the event- all the tickets are pretty muych sold out. Even they were surprised at how fast they sold.

          2. I got the special code link from the NYTimes Dining Blog and the site crashed a few times but then I got a call from the organizers to buy tickets. I do think they are sold out now, but maybe they will release some more because of all the technical problems.