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Aug 31, 2009 09:19 AM

Where to eat in Aix?

I will be in Aix for a couple of nights and am looking for a couple of recommendations for non-touristy places that have good food and good value. I might also go to Le Clos de la Violette one night. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Just ate at Clos de la Violette about 1 week ago and it sucked! Service was horrible, and we weren't the only ones there that were unhappy. The real bummer is that it is super expensive (and I'm used to Manhattan prices! our bill was $500 for 2). I suggest trying some places in the historic distric near Hotel De Ville...we went to La Plancha (not tradiitonal Provencal, but good), and we had a nice lunch in the same outdoor square, but I forgot the name of the place. I say, get out of Aix and go to Les Baux area...

    1. I loved Aix! We stayed at La Torse, a B&B just outside, but definitely within walking distance, of the city center. I highly recommend it. (I think it's the #1 B&B in Provence on Trip Advisor.) We had a lovely dinner at Les Agapes, a casual and homey family run restaurant off the tourist path in Aix. The grilled duck with cepe sauce was delicious. We also enjoyed Chez Feraud, which was prettier, a little more refined in the cooking and more expensive.

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        Thanks. Do you, or anyone, know if Les Agapes is open Mondays. Chez Feraud, like many Aix restos, is not open Mondays. Sorry to OP for butting in but I need resto in Aix area, ideally Provencal cooking, open Mondays.

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          No, I don't. But, I do have the number: 04 42 38 47 66

      2. We had a very nice meal a week or so ago at Le Bistro Latin, 18 rue de la Couronne. Meals were about 25 euros for entree-main-dessert, the wines reasonable, and the staff was friendly and gracious.

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          Merci Ms.M, Le Latin Bistro gets good reviews for quality and value,a short walk fr our hotel near town center & its open Mondays for dinner. It was under consideration but I thought, partly because of the name, it's wasn't Provencal cooking. Evidently it is.

          Review fr: another traveler w/ pics: