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Aug 31, 2009 09:18 AM

Fish Burgers

My SO has been told to reduce his intake of red meat and saturated fat. To our surprise we continue to dine very well while maintaining fairly strict adherance to his new diet. But we are greatly missing the occasional really good burger. Can anyone recommend a place for fish burgers? We live in the High Park area but would be willing to travel for a great burger.

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  1. Not entirely sure what you mean by a fish burger. If you mean a fish sandwich, then your destination should be The Fish Store at 657 College Street. Tiny shop, great fish sandwiches.

    1. Poppygirl,

      although a good fish-wich is awesome, you don't have to limit yourself to fish. You can also try some other alternatives, such as chicken, turkey, bison, (iffy because its still technically red meat, but its low in saturated fat) Ostrich or other creative stuff like oyster burgers (very good, but I've only found it on Vancouver Island)

      1. Thanks TJ. A fish sandwich would also be nice, so we will definitely try The Fish Store. What I had in mind was a 'burger' (grilled, on a bun, with condiments, etc.) that was made of any kind of fish, salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc.

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          At the Fish Store, you pick your fresh fish fillet and the owner seasons it and grills it for you and puts in on a bun. And sorry for being dense, are you looking for a "burger-type" patty that is made with ground up fish? Sort of the fish equivalent of a veggie burger?

        2. Hi JEB, good point. I would certainly enjoy all of the burgers that you listed (I'll keep my eye out for the oyster burger when I'm on Vancouver Island). I am also hoping to find a burger that is made of diced or ground fish/seafood. I recently tried both salmon and tuna patties (they were pre-frozen). I didn't like either very much but it made me think that good ones must be out there somewhere. Thanks, TJ, for the description of the fish sandwich - it sounds awesome.

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            The salmon burgers at Pusateri's are decent. They also have a white fish burger, but I can't offer any advice on this one.

          2. Thanks so much for the Pusateri recommendation, TFW. I will buy both the salmon and the white fish and give them a try. This is exactly what I was looking for.