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Aug 31, 2009 09:06 AM

Rock Shrimp in south Florida

Any idea of a fish market in Palm Beach county that sells Rock Shrimp?
I had some for the second time last weekend on a trip to Grills at Port Canaveral. They were fantastic. I think they grilled theirs.

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  1. I know they sell them raw/frozen at old dixie seafood on federal highway in boca. Thats the only place i have been able to find them.

    1. Not sure if you have a Fresh Market up there but they have them. I get them at the FM in my neighborhood in Coconut Grove and I believe they are around $11.99/lb. Very good too. I like to peel and then saute them with some pasta.

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        Fresh Market in Coconut Grove no longer carries rock shrimp. I was told because of a lack of demand.

        1. re: Dapa

          Figures. Grove-ites won't even experiment w/ food from their own backyard. They probably sell more salmon than anything else.

      2. Not a fish market, but you can get them as an app/meal at the Whale's Rib on A1A in Deerfield.

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          I have had rock shrimp at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville.. I believe that is where they first became popular because they devised a system for splitting the shell by machine . They broil them and they are fantastic. How do they prepare them at the Whales Rib.?

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            Yes, I just saw Whales Rib on D3 (Diners, Drive Ins , and Dives). I think they only showed the rock shrimp on the intro. So I would like to know what it is about rock shrimp that makes them so desirable? Are they supposed to be a sweeter meat than other skrimps? Or is that tiger skrimps?

            Those baked oysters Whales Rib style look great. So does that beer batter dolphin sandwich and everything else they serve.

            1. re: freakerdude

              Rock shrimp are like mini lobster tails in that they are similar in flavor and texture. They also color like lobster when cooked. Very yummy.

              1. re: Blind Mind

                We had rock shrimp at Saltwater Cowboys in St. Augustine and thought they are incredible. We recently had them again at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville. While my wife was happy I was disappointed. Mine did not have much taste at all. During the same trip we purchased quite of bit of frozen rock shrimp at Wild Ocean Seafood Market. My wife is going to experiment because I think a lot depends on the method of preparation and the recipe.

                I noticed one can order from Wild Ocean a package of about 4 lbs, with shells of course, for $50 plus shipping and taxes.

                Saltwater Cowboys is a fantastic restaurant by the way, notwithstanding the strange name.

          2. CF...That is where I tasted rock shrimp for the first time.Whale's Rib..They are good.
            Blind...I think there is a Fresh Market in Wellington. I need to check it out.

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            1. re: HotMelly

              Watch out Melly, I'll be able to smell 'em cookin' from my house! :-)
              Oooh, how I love them rock shrimp!
              Used to get them for $3.99 a pound, about 25 years ago. Used to put bunches of them on a sheet of foil, with butter and garlic, then ball it up and throw it on the grill. Then you drink beers. Then some more beers. Then you'd take 'em off the grill and they were delicious. The ones towards the outside of the ball were cooked kind of well and their shells got blackened...the ones towards the inside of the ball were cooked nice and light. I liked the blackened ones because the shells got all nice and tasty :-) Hey, they were great with all them beers! :-)

                1. re: CFByrne

                  You can buy them direct from Wild Ocean Seafood up in Titusville. They also operate Dixie Crossroads. We get our shrimp for the restaurant from them, i'm not sure what the cost is for retail sales, but they are available shell on, or block frozen P/D which is much easier. They ship to your door I think.

                  1. re: brandon_w

                    Their website is:

                    Broiled, these things are addictive!

                    1. re: brandon_w

                      I used to live in Titusville and I know the family that runs Wild Ocean Seafood. I can tell you that right now the retail price for split and clean Rock is $13/lb. These shrimp are caught in the East Coast of Florida, not the Gulf (which taste a bit different) and are split by hand-fed machines and then hand processed at the facility in Titusville. Mind you there are about 3-4 dozen in each pound, so the cost per dozen ends up being around $3 to $4. But you can buy them with the head on for just $3 /LB and I there is about 2 dozen in each Lb! I would buy them head on even though they are a pain to deal with. The way they do shipping is they charge you for the product, there is $15 packaging fee (dry ice, cooler, etc) and whatever UPS charges to ship it out.. which I think to Palm Bay if you wanted to ship out 5-10 lbs would be no more than $10-$15.

                      Hope that helped even though it was probably too much information. Oh yeah, you have to call it in to order them.

                      1. re: honduranterror

                        CFByrne....Went to the Fresh Market in Wellington yesterday. The guy that works in the meats & seafood said they never have carried rock shrimp , So I spent my money on chocolate(not a total loss)

                        1. re: HotMelly

                          Could be that different FMs get different product because I can assure you Ive bought rock shrimp at the FM in Coconut Grove about a dozen times. They come with the shell on and when it wasnt busy the clerk there has offered to peel and de-vein them for me. I declined but appreciated the offer because those shells are a lot harder than normal shrimp and I usually get a few cuts peeling them.

                2. Suddenly I'm seeing Rock Shrimp tail meat (peeled, previously frozen) on sale in several places in SoFla. Whole Foods on Glades in Boca Raton had it last week. My local Publix also now has it (on Federal Hwy in Delray). About $11/lb in both places.

                  I should check on the country of origin, that would be interesting, to see if we can determine what these "really" are. Who knows, these days. For all I know it could be farm-raised tilapia formed into shrimp-sized nuggets (kidding, but only a little bit).

                  Boca's Restaurant
                  2901 W Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33311

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                  1. re: CFByrne

                    ugh....just the thought of farm raised tilapia processed into shrimp sized nuggets.

                    1. re: CFByrne

                      I checked and the "price label" on the ones at Publix say "Wild, Product of US".