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Aug 31, 2009 08:54 AM

Dining before taking Independence Pass to Aspen

I will be driving to Aspen from DIA via Independece Pass. Would like to stop for food somewhere between (but not in) Denver and getting on Independence Pass (I am assuming there are no restaurants on the mountain!).

Any suggestions? I found a lead on Tennessee Pass Cafe in Leadville, but other thoughts are welcome. No particular requirements, other than good food; local preferred.


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  1. This is probably no help at all, but there is a cafe on SR 82 near the begining of Independence Pass at a wide spot in the road called Twin Lakes. IIRC it had a sort of German menu. The town was destroyed by a massive snow slide and rebuilt many years ago.
    No reviews to my knowledge.

    1. Plenty of choices in Silverthorne/Dillon or Frisco. Leadville has a few options too. There is a place in Twin Lakes, but I don't recall its name and don't know much about it, except a couple of friends ate there and liked it. Oh, and don't speed anywhere near Twin Lakes. :-)

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        When we were in Leadville recently, we were debating between the Tennessee Pass Cafe and has some good Mexican restaurants. We used to go to one in Stringtown whose name I've forgotten, the Matilda's (now closed) and Burrito Burrito!, a Stringtown stand that was open only in summer and is now totally closed. On the recommendation of locals, we tried Manuelita's. The menu is standard, but the food was above average. It will be on your right as you drive through Leadville -- southern end of town, across from the Tabor Opera House. See and scroll down for pix.

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          Thanks all for the info. More than I expected!

      2. 'the one, that Claire mentioned, in string town is my favorite. Entering string town from
        leadville go right one block then left for a block or two. It will be on the left or south side
        of the street. It is great and I always buy some red chili powder to take home with me
        as theirs is the best.