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Aug 31, 2009 08:15 AM

Engagement Party Ideas Needed


My fiance and I are looking to have an engagement party in Dallas in November, on a weekday night if we have to. We are thinking drinks and appetizers, no full meals. And we would expect between 40-50 people, not all at the same time. We loved Tillman's, but we have too many people for them to accommodate. But we like that type of restaurant, fun and different, nice but not too stuffy. We don't want to have it at any chain type restaurants (Maggianos is out). We would love ANY suggestions you all might have!!

Thank you so much!

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  1. Here is a link to a list of Dallas restaurants with private rooms. Be careful though, there are a few clinkers in this list.

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      Look into booking a space at Times Ten Cellars in Lakewood ( They have their annex and you can sometimes even book the Tank Room. They have the wine and I think they'll let you bring your own beers/other drinks in. You can also get anyone you want to cater the food...I've seen Salum there a couple of times.

    2. What about Sambuca Uptown? I went to an exceptional private happy hour (with delicious appetizers) there a a couple of years ago, and it seems to fit the criteria that you request.

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        I toss that rec out anytime I hear the words 'uptown' . It is perfect for out of town guests, and largish parties. A lot of people get a hoot out of the trolley, and there is always a band at Sambuca.

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          Understood ... Still, despite being in Uptown, which I generally avoid like the plague, the food was way better than average, the room a good size for the number of guests proposed by reillygrrl, and the atmosphere (at least in the private room) lent itself to conversation.

      2. Last summer, my fiance (now wife!) and I were facing the same planning. One thing that you might want to keep in mind is determining how much you want to spend per person, does that figure include alcohol or will you have a cash bar, etc. Once you have taken all those things into consideration, you can narrow down your alternatives based on space availability, call the catering manager for those restaurants, discuss what they can offer for your price point and, last but not least, once you have narrowed down your list go do a blind tasting of their food before signing any contracts--i.e. quality control check to see what they are serving the average joes and josephines b/c sometimes what they serve at a tasting is much better than what you get the day of when it is too late to change anything. Good luck

        1. Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions! We ended up having the party at La Duni, it worked out fabulously and everyone had a great time...and about 10 mojitos each!