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Aug 31, 2009 08:09 AM

Dining near the Aquarium?

Sel de la Terre? Somewhere in Faneuil Hall? Sportello? Looking for a decent place which is walking distance between the Aquarium and South Boston/Broadway Bridge. I don't know the North End very well, and my previous visit to Sel de la Terre was not fabulous but it was a few years ago... and advice?

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  1. Legal Seafood is right there, and a friend who often stays at the Long Wharf Marriott likes the restaurant there. I've only been that way once so I can't be of much help.

    1. sdlt can be hit or miss and there is nothing worth eating in faneuil hall. nothing. ok, wait, bertucci's pizza doesn't suck.

      flour bakery has an outpost down there for sandwiches.

      easy walking distance to north end for neptune oyster or pizzeria regina and equally easy to chinatown for peach farm.

      1. Or back to Southie for Franklin Southie (next to Broadway T stop) or St. Alphonzo's Kitchen (A St. behind Amrhein's).

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          wonder if the op means lunch or dinner?

        2. Joe's Bar & Grill is close by but that's kind of a tourist trap. If you kept walking north along the sidewalk there for another minute you'll come upon Boston Sail Loft, which is a quaint sea shack right on the water on the border of the north end. I went there the other day on my lunch break and had the best chowder ever! Prices are reasonable, atmosphere relaxed.

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            I had lunch today at the Sail Loft. I like their chowder but find it a little thick..nothing a few ice cubes won't cure..:) Their fried clams were excellent; med bellies and a perfect fry job and the appetizer portion with the chowder made for a perfect lunch.

            I'm not as hard on Joe's as some here. Good for a burger or French Dip sandwich and I've recently had a great piece of prime rib (Fri/Sat only). They use the same meat as they use at the higher priced Abe &Louie's. Full disclosure, Ms 9 works and we live on that wharf and are in there pretty often and may get better treatment; but they do seem to treat everyone pretty well.

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              You know I may have to give the Sail Loft another look. I had an unpleasant experience with an extremely rude hostess the one time I planned on stopping in. Never even made it to the table, just turned around and walked out. In fact, I think that's the only time I ever remember doing that. By now, I'm sure that hostess is long gone.

          2. Kingfish Hall for oysters and a lobster roll is a good option IMO. I also like the Oceana restaurant at the Long Wharf Marriott, especially when the terrace is open for oudoor dining and great views.

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              last time i had oysters at kingfish (last month) they were full of broken bits of shell. shucker was all thumbs. it sucked because they were delicious.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                That's a shame because I had some kumomoto (sic) that were shucked perfectly just a few weeks. Guess you never know. I generally stop in there during the lunch hour. I wonder if that's the difference.

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                  Thanks for the many suggestions... we are looking for dinner, never thought of Sail Loft or Oceana so thanks for the suggestion. Trying to avoid the tourist traps and the last time we ate at the Legal Seafood near the Aquarium I had difficulty believing that it was part of the chain! Poor service, very dirty and disorganized. I always seem to make poor choices in the North End so perhaps it will be St. Alphonzo's, always a great experience. Many thanks to everyone for the help.

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                    If you go to Sail Loft, stick to the simpler dishes. Their fried fish, scallops or clams, chowder, broiled scrod are good.

                    Avoid anything much more ambitious.. dishes like blackened/Cajun tuna. They buy their tuna from a vendor that I no longer patronize..due to a long downhill alert.

                  2. re: Pegmeister

                    had oysters there last night and they were great. warehams and wellfleets -- pristine. the rest of the dinner was meh fer sure, and the server had the personality of a doorknob.