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Aug 31, 2009 07:54 AM

Going To US Open: Needs Advice

Heading to the US Open this week. Will attend the evening session. Can someone please recommend a few dining options for dinner. I am very familiar with Astoria, so no need to focus on that area.

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  1. if you like italian go to Parkside you may need reservations though it on corona ave I belive

    1. my fave in he area is piccola venezia in astoria, or pick up sandwiches at leos latticini in corno-fab

      1. Since the evening session starts relatively early, my advice is to stick to Roosevelt Ave so that you can get there easily after an early dinner. First choice would be going to Flushing to Spicy & Tasty, since they are always open, are quick and have an array of appetizers. Second choice would be Sripraphai (other direction) and 3rd choice would be to drop in to any of the taco stand places that dot the avenue starting about 20 blocks down Roosevelt.

        1. How about an Argentine steak for dinner? There is a number of good choices in the area. My favorite is La Esquina Criolla , which a bit farther away. Marvellous skirt steaks, plenty of other carnivorous options, and good Sangria.

          Start at the corner of Roosevelt and Junction Blvd (there is a subway stop there) and go south down the blvd until Corona Av. The restaurant is right on the corner. There might be a waiting line on Friday nights.

          1. This question is an evergreen. Lots of good information here.


            If any particular place intrigues you do a search to get the latest opinions.