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Aug 31, 2009 07:32 AM

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff

I am coming to Arizona this Wednesday. I will be in North Scottsdale Wed-Friday and then we are driving up to Flagstaff for Saturday and Sunday.
I am looking for some good food finds in Scottsdale and Phoenix for Wed. through Friday. What's your favorite breakfast spot? Best Mexican? Best only in Phoenix kind of place?
I have spent a lot of time in Scottsdale since my father moved there 30 years ago. But his idea of going out to eat included Rawhide and Pinnacle Peak's etc.
I live in New York City and love to have adventurous food experiences.

For Saturday and Sunday--we plan to take a scenic drive to Flagstaff with stops in Jerome and Sedona. Any suggestions for those places, also, would be awesome!


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  1. My husband and I will be in the Phoenix area in September so I'll be on the lookout for replies to this question myself. We're staying in a place with a full kitchen so we'll be saving some cash by not having to eat out three times a day. But I'd like to spend some of that cash on "Only In Phoenix" kinds of places, especially Southwestern food that isn't the standard Tex-Mex.

    As for Jerome, we visited there several years ago and ate in a restaurant that appeared to be nailed to the side of a very steep hill overlooking the city below. The food was good, if not fantastic, but the view from the patio was spectacular. There's a reason why Jerome boasts of being "America's Most Vertical City." So, since I've unfortunately forgotten the name of the restaurant, my advice would be to find the best patio and the most breathtaking view and don't worry about the food.

    1. There really aren't that many to choose from in Jerome. I think people like the Haunted Hamburger.

      For Flagstaff, I am dying to go to Beaver Street Brewery! If you like microbrews, this is a Flag fave. I love their Thai mussel appetizer.

      For PHX, I would say try and see if you can get a reservation at Barrio Cafe. Or tho New Mexico cuisine, I'd recommend Los Dos Molinos in the PHX location. Carolina's for Mexican in PHX. Also, Fry Bread House for Navajo tacos.

      1. In Flagstaff, I highly recommend Tinderbox Kitchen.

        For a hole-in-the-wall, only-in-PHX kind of place, I recommend the new Karey's Kitchen, a Filipino-Mexican fusion joint.

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          wow--"coca-cola glazed kurobuta ham "steak" served with cornbread pudding, apple-fennel chutney ($18)." sounds amazing. thanks!

          for mexican food in the scottsdale/phoenix area--is the barrio cafe considered one of the better choices? most authentic?

          I am curious about fry bread house and navajo tacos, too. sounds great.

          any other uniquely phoenix or arizona-kind of places?

          thanks for your help

          1. re: rosep

            Barrio Cafe is considered a top choice for Mexican food here. It's a bit more elegant than, say, Carolina's but both have their charms. Barrio does not take reservations, last I checked. If you get in line 30-60 minutes before opening, you should be amongst the first people seated.

        2. For a funky place in Flagstaff go to Black Barts. It's a BBQ type place in a barn in a trailer park (I kid you not). The wait staff are students at Northern Arizona University and sing(show tunes, etc not cowboy stuff) between servings. It was a "hoot"
          In Jerome, The Asylum is excellent. Fantastic views and the food/wine are great.

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          1. re: John Cuttino

            thanks everyone for your responses.
            i will definitely try black barts and carolina's and maybe others!
            i will let you know how it all turns out.