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Aug 31, 2009 07:23 AM

Where to Find Thai Tea Mix

Recently, I've developed a liking for Thai Iced Tea at various Thai restaurants I've been touring. I was hoping to get my hands on the actual tea leaves with spice mixed right in. I believe there are many different brands you can get, but I've only been able to locate it online. Is there anywhere in the Scarborough/Markham/Richmond Hill area that would carry Thai Tea Mix? I've checked the local T&T and a few other Chinese supermarkets, but couldn't find it. I'd like to make it at home, and add less of the condensed milk (to save some calories/fat). I know it's chemical- and food colouring-laden, but I'd still like to have it.

Thanks in Advance
Cheers and Happy Eating!

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  1. Vientiane carries both Thai tea and coffee mixes. But I've heard they've moved from the 2 Bradstock (vaughan) location to Etobicoke..

    Good luck! That was the only place I've seen it.

    Vientiane Trading Co.Ltd.
    51B Jutland Rd, Toronto, On M8Z 2G6
    Tel, 416 743 2911
    Fax 416 743 8004

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    1. re: tyatt

      Thanks tyatt for the quick reply. I guess I'll try to swing by during my next dim sum fix. I'll report back if I find some. Is that a good brand btw?

      1. re: BokChoi

        It's the 'only' brand I know actually...and I believe most restaurants use it. And it contains loads of coloring (orange)...which makes it authentic :P

        1. re: tyatt

          Yeah, I really wish they wouldn't add that coloured stuff to the drink mix. You wouldn't happen to know of any 'all-natural' formulation would ya? Sigh... if only Whole Foods had a version! I just really enjoy the spicing of the tea! Just like how I love Chai, but I have a recipe for that (from scratch, natural and easy).

          1. re: BokChoi

            Hi BokChoi,

            I love Thai Ice Tea as well! Let me know where you can find it :)

            1. re: Chow_Puppy

              Most of the tea you get at tea stalls in Thailand is orange, there is no extra colouring. This is the brand that is most common:


              With sugar and lime over ice makes a great summer drink. Thais also love it with condensed milk and ice.

              You rarely get this brand at nice hotels etc, but I prefer the orange street version.

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