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Aug 31, 2009 07:09 AM

Marco Island this weekend

Headed to Marco Island this weekend.... looking for inexpensive places to eat with the family... Staying at Marco Island Beach resort

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  1. Marco Walk Shopping Plaza has three great places... Davincis(Italian), Nacho Mamas, and Captain Briens (Seafood/Burgers)..all delicious

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      Thank you, any other sugestions all welcome as well... Looking for some fresh seafood if you know of any good places

    2. mexican - la casita or amigos
      italian- casa mia, verdis, davincis
      beach bar- snook inn (pretty good seafood), crazy flamingo
      pizza- vandy's or joeys
      good views- cj's on the Bay, snook inn, stilts

      keep in mind its september and a lot of these places are closed for the month because its the slowest time of the year. thats why i gave you a few different options.

      hope that helps!

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        Thank you ... I think Most of them start opening this week, before Labor day weekend... but thank you for all the great suggestions.. I'll make sure to post what I thought about them.

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          For seafood, head over to Goodland and hit Little Bar.
          Since you're eating with kids one night you might try the Sunset Grill at the Apollo Condos, about half a mile south of where you'll be staying. On the beach, good casual food ( the best Philly Cheesesteak around and a really good Tuna Tataki), trivia games on the TV's, pool table, shuffleboard. Casual and comfortable.

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            Thats perfect! Thanks for the suggestions.. I had little bar on my list

      2. For others who will be in the Area... some of the places we went to

        CJ's on the Bay, Very good food, I really enjoyed the Ahi tuna tar tar, followed by the broiled seafood plate with lobster tails shrimp and scallops, My Wife had the tropical Seafood Salad, The mango's where not ripe, but the dressing were very good. Service was FAST!

        Capt Brien's - Comedy Club/ Raw Bar/ Seafood. Very good food, Fresh seafood. I had the Shucked Marepoint Oysters and the golden crabs. Wife had salad again.. also pretty good... but how much salad can one person eat?

        DaVinci's - Italian - Home made pastas were delicious... I had a NY strip, cooked perfect, tender, juicy, well seasoned...

        For Breakfast, Breakfastplus was GREAT... a perfect breakfast place.