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Aug 31, 2009 06:20 AM

Train Travel- Dining on Amtrak's Empire Builder

We will be boarding the Empire Builder in Milwaukee next week for our trip to Whitefish Montana. It has been a long time since I have done long dsitance travel on Amtrak and those meals were less than memorable. Anyone have any recent experience that you can share with me? Thanks!

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  1. Here is a previous thread that might be helpful: . Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity since then to determine if the experience has changed.

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      Wayne, you beat me to it. I was going to direct them to your fine post about the joys of modern day rail dining.

    2. We rode the Empire Builder from Seattle to Whitefish a few years ago. I'm afraid my memory of the food isn't as clear as it might have been a while back, but I seem to recall a somewhat overcooked (by my standards - I like rare) but nonetheless tender and tasty piece of prime rib, along with a generally positive meal experience. We also had a couple nice bottles of wine that we brought on ourselves, consumed in our roomette with picture window looking out over Puget Sound to the sun setting over the mountains on the Olympic Peninsula. Overall, a great trip - so much so that we'll be doing something similar in October, taking the California Zephyr from Denver to San Francisco.

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        Please do post about your next trip, given a choice, we always choose rail over flying sardine can travel.

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          I will. And this time I'll do a better job of documenting the entire experience.

          Also, I finally got a chance to read through your entire post on the LA - NOLA - Chicago - LA junket. Hilarious.

          I'm a regular on the Amtrak Acela between Boston and NYC. It's a far superior way to travel, though I wouldn't go just for the food.

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