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Aug 31, 2009 06:12 AM

Lunch near Milwaukee Amtrak Station

We will be leaving from the Milwaukee Amtrak station for a 30 hour trip to Glacier Park, and have time for a long lunch in downtown Milwaukee. The Public Market looks like a great stop to load up on train treats, but I am looking for recommendations for lunch nearby. Thanks!

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  1. The Milwaukee Public Market would be great to have lunch too. St. Paul Fish Market, Margarita Paradise are just two of many that are very good dining options. Across the street is Wicked Hop too.

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      1. re: little debbie

        I went to Water Buffalo once (2 yrs ago?) for a lunch salad. The salad was nice - nothing stellar, but huge and tasty. The deck is wonderful. On a nice day, eating outside would be perfect, especially when about to be inside a train for 30 hours.

        Me, I'd probably just go to the Public Market for seafood and a glass of wine before I loaded up on all my train treats. But that's just me - I love the St. Paul Fish Market! The Middle Eastern place is really good, too.

        Have a great trip. I'm so jealous!!!!!

        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Thanks AnneInMpls. St Paul Fish Market is both a restaurant and a market? I looked at their site a few days ago and that was not clear.

          1. re: little debbie

            The St. Paul Fish Market has a lot of cooked-to-order and prepared food. (Strange that they don't have a menu on the web site - it would be nice to see the daily special and the soups.) There's a bar with stools where you can sit and eat, or you can take your food to go (there are tables just outside if you want to sit in the sun). If you want wine with your food, you can get a glass (or two or three) at the wine bar in the center of the market, and carry it down to St. Paul Fish for your meal. Afterwards, you can get dessert at the bakery or the candy store or wherever. Yum!