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Aug 31, 2009 01:16 AM


Where to go? Lunch with my husband and our son. Left it a little late. Le Meurice on a waiting list. We did Crillion for my son in April. Is Le Cinq still good? Would like to go for hotel 'wow' fine dining. We live in Paris and eat well locally and constantly, but a hotel splurge is a treat. Advice please!

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  1. Never been to Le Meurice nor le Crillon, but I guess Le Cinq would be perfect for such an occasion.

    Service is excellent (professionnal, warm and fun), the room is fantastic, I would have to work out for years to be able to hold their wine list (yes, I'm slightly exaggerating, here). Depending on your budget, there's a wide range of options: two menus at lunch and dinner (at lucnh one is 85 EUR; the other one, almost twice the price, is also available for dinner next to a more expensive one, around 220 EUR).

    I haven't talked about the food: I only have had two meals there, at lunch, and only a few months after Briffard took over. Some things were only "good", some other excellent to wonderful. Since then it has apparently improved. You can still skip dessert, though.

    In short: it'll have all the palace "wow" and very good food, go!

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      Thanks for the encouragement, about to go run around Tuileries twice to make room for tomorrow's lunch. They were charming when I called to book, shall report back as soon as we can again move/speak/write!

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        Speaking of room, le Cinq is more generous as your other two suspects.

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          Had lunch there (Le Cinq) once a few months ago. Most everything was superlative and will likely meet your requirements. When I visited service was a tiny, wee bit scattered for that type of restaurant--though extremely gracious--but I think it was an anomaly and I would certainly return again and again. You can skip dessert if you like, nothing special. Otherwise an entirely beautiful and delectable experience. Enjoy and I look forward to your report!

      2. As Olivier says, Le Cinq is just great save desserts. Le Crillon doesn't have a chef anymore.

        1. Le Cinq was stunning. Everything we could have wished for and more. Champagne trolley to start (offering my ten year old a finger full to toast his father's birthday) Foie gras, poulpe, sea bass, pintarde, a series of extraordinary amuse bouches and chocolate desserts my husband and son adored. Exceptionally fine reisling with the foie gras. The sommelier recommended appropriately by the glass as we didn't want to heavy a time of it at lunch (and in charge of a child) As grand as the room was, the service was open, warm, efficient with great charm. One of our more memorable dining experiences.

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            I don't know which one you interacted with, but I really loved chatting, if only for a few minutes, the slightly stout sommelier that was there both times I went.

            Glad this was a fantastic experience for you. It makes me want to go back, very soon! Or maybe I'll wait until the game's pie is back on the menu.

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              Thanks for reporting back. You made a good choice! I am planning a trip that may or may not involve a 24 layover in Paris and memories of a decadent lunch at Le Cirque is a real draw. Your visit is pulling me back over to the dark side...

              A belated happy birthday to your husband.

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                Trixie - that sums up our experience there last Christmas. A very formal room, but a fun, relaxed FOH team. I wish I could stay around and try the Game pie (Pithever?) again, it is a thing of wonder....!

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                  That's a Pithivier, Phil, and if you have Julia Child and Company, you can make one of your own. The instructions may be time consuming, but they're easy!