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Aug 30, 2009 09:22 PM

MSP: Apple Orchard that MAKES pies

Hi all,

Apple season is almost here, and I love love love a good apple pie. Last year around this time I was on the lookout for an apple orchard within driving distance of the Twin Cities. We wound up going to one (which I will not name) which left me *very* disappointed with their apple pie. Rather than being freshly made on the orchard, it was pre-made and frozen at some other locale in Minnesota, and had many artificial ingredients. But the worst part is that it actually was not even very good! I threw it out after one slice. :(

So this year I have a very specific request. I'm looking for an apple orchard that makes their own pies. Bonus points if it is NOT over-spiced. I tend to prefer pies where you can taste the apple flavor, and are *not* overloaded with cinnamon or, gasp, nutmeg. Should be simple, right?

Frankly the best apple pie I've had since moving to MN 5 years ago has been the Lunds haralson pie. Not that I'm complaining -- it's a great pie. But it seems that with all the orchards around, there should be an uber-pie out there.


(btw, yes, I've tried Betty's pies.)

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  1. I could be wrong, but Aamodt's Farm near Stillwater has tons of unfrozen pies of differing varieties of apples along with other baked goods and cider or at least they have the last 3 years or so. This place is crazy packed on the weekends in early Autumn, so be warned.

    1. Definitely at Fireside Orchards off of 35 on the way to Northfield. You can read it under Our Store. The owners are members of Slow Food and worked personally on getting the right ingredients in all their products.

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      1. i wonder if anyone around here grows AMBROSIA apples? that is one money apple.

        1. Sorry, cannot vouch for the pies, but this is a local favorite

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          1. re: type2runner

            I've had the pies. Good. I buy the Dutch Apple, frozen, and bake at home. I do it every year and think it's pretty good pie.

          2. Someone gave me a pie from the Afton apple orchard, and it was fabulous!