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Aug 30, 2009 08:54 PM

Searching for Seattle liquor stores open on Saturday with a great selection

Hi, I am visiting Seattle from Portland for a couple of days and was wondering if there are any liquor stores open on Saturdays that have a great selection of all kinds of booze. I am in search of cool amaros, rums, and liqueurs that I can't find in Portland. Any help would be great.

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  1. The one on 4th Ave S by the stadiums is the best one that I have been to and it is open on Saturday (as I think all of the stores are). I would highly recommend checking out the Liquor Control Board site ( to see what they have and where it is available. It can save you a wasted trip since not every store carries the same stock. Also, be prepared for sticker shock - they raised prices a couple months ago and it is really expensive to buy the hard stuff in Washington these days.

    1. thanks for the info cvn66! much appreciated.

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        Oh I would say for sure check out the store on 12th Ave. E near Pike. They have a shelf with Amaros and liqueurs that are very difficult to find elsewhere. There is also a seperate shelf with rare rums. This sounds right up your alley.

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          12th and Pike is one of the few stores in Wa that is also open on Sunday!

      2. This sounds great as I will be here on Sunday as well. thanks for the help!