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In search of new shrimp ideas

I eat a lot of frozen shrimp as it’s cheap, as fresh as any seafood will be on Sunday and helps me meet my quotient for environmental destruction. I feel like I’ve exhausted what I can do with it, though, and am really digging for new ideas. If you see something I should try that I haven’t, please give me a shake. If you see something I should like that for some reason I don’t, and you suspect I’m doing it wrong, please let me know. I tend to prefer savory to sweet, and typically cook shrimp really hot on the range to ensure that they stay moist and tender. I'm looking for more main dishes than appetizers, etc.

Preparations I’ve tried that I liked:
With cumin, coriander, and broccoli per the NYT (my favorite, and a good example of a non-classic preparation that I’m looking for).

Preparations I wouldn’t kick out of bed:
Scampi (the texture always seems thin and the flavor kind of one dimensional).
Fra diavolo style (I’m embarrassed to admit this is from De Laurentis).
Grilled with rosemary (again, kind of one dimensional).

Preparations that I’ve tried that I thought I’d like but didn’t:
Quick fried/Spanish tapas style with paprika, garlic, etc (the flavor of the shrimp and seasonings were really discordant – I’m using Penzey’s spices, perhaps it’s just their variant of seasoning?).
Chipotle (same problem as above).
In tacos/quesadillas/as a generic protein in Mexican food (same problem as above).
Cioppino, bouillabaisse, etc (sure, why not).

Etoufee, jambalaya, paella, and the other mixed dishes (every version I’ve had seems too sweet, I guess I just don’t like the dish).
Mayonnaise based salad (whenever I use Best Food’s/Hellmans or make my own mayonnaise, it seems too tangy – a problem I rarely have in restaurants).
Tequila lime (every version I’ve had seems too sweet).
In Tom Yum (I like this in restaurants but can’t source the ingredients do it proper at home – not really a shrimp problem, I guess).
Cocktail (I’m pretty confident that I don’t like it).
Vietnamese salad rolls (I don’t really like rice noodles in salad rolls, and the flavor profile seems off balance without them).

Tempura and other deep fried options are conspicuously absent from the list, because I have poor ventilation and whenever I deep fry it smells like oil in the house for a few days.

I've always had rough luck with bacon and shrimp. One always ends up overcooked or undercooked.

Anyways, what else do I do with these unsustainable seabugs?

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  1. One of my favorite quick simple things to do at home that always has guest talking is sweet chile shrimp skewers, simply marinate in mae ploy sweet chile sauce for an hour and you can either BBQ them or bake in the oven 10 minutes. I like to throw a little pesto in the mix as well, although from some of your dislike you may not like the sweet chile sauce.
    Another favorite for entree and it is so quick is a Shrimp and Orzo Carbanara
    Render bacon, lightly saute the shrimp while the orzo pasta is boiling, add the drained pasta, some peas take off the heat and mix in a couple raw eggs (dont let them scrammble, they will cook with the heat making a creamy sauce) then toss in some some parmesan cheese maybe fresh herbs such as Italian parsley and basil.

    If you have problems with overcooking the shrimp another thing I like to do is instead of sauteing the shrimp from raw, lighty poach them in water seasoned with 2 parts sugar and on part salt to taste for five minutes then add at the end.

    Hope this helps!

    1. WOW!!! You are a picky one aren't you??!

      I love the line, tho, about being environmentally destructive, that's where you've caught me, hook, line & sinker!!! I'll be you're best friend just b/cof that line!!!!

      Anywho, try Mark Bittman's bbq shrimp - too tired to type it out online now, but it has literally, including the shrimp, 5 ingredients. (Plus i cut the tip of my right indexfinger tonight so typing is a real bitch!!) But can post ift for you if you're interested.

      Also, did you ever consider that your supplier is no good??? I mean, who can pass up scampi & fra diavolo and consider it "sweet"? Never even heard that adjective used in the same sentence as "shrimp scampi or fra diavolo". But, I did grow up on Italian food, so maybe I'm biased. I hate deep frying in my house also, for the same reasons, not poor ventilation, but then again, if my house stinks for 2 days, maybe IT IS!!!!!

      And who doesn't love bacon wrappped shrimp? Even my husband, who is not a shrimp eater, will devour it if it's wrapped in bacon! I mean, c'mon, It"s BACON!!! And try it with jalapeno, it's a Texas snake bite! Awesome food , here!

      I also have a KILLER recipe for a deconstructed baked stuffed shrimp with copious amounts of butter, garlic, Ritz crackers that is awesome, and you can skip the sherry if you don't want any SWEET with it. Let me know. Other wise, I got nothing and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!

      1. BBQ Shrimp Cocktail with Basil-Mango Sauce.

        Dust shrimp with a Cajun/Creole spice blend and saute with some olive oil until just cooked. Peel & pit a mango and put the fruit in a blender with about 8 julianned fresh basil leaves, and puree until smooth. Ladle sauce into a margarita glass and hook shrimp around the rim. Dip BBQ shrimp in the chilled sauce

        1. If you are curious about my poblano soup with sweet corn and sweet shrimp I could pony up the recipe.

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            *I* am interested in that. Does that count???

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              Make that another vote for interest in that recipe! I have four pablano plants busting at the seams!

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                cream of poblano soup with sweet corn and sweet shrimp

                6 poblano peppers
                6 ears sweet corn
                1 lb. Florida pink shrimp, shell on
                24 oz. container chicken stock
                1 pint half and half

                roast poblanos, bag, sweat, peel, de-seed and de-stem, puree
                cut corn kernels from cob, sautee in vegetable or grapeseed oil until lightly carmelized
                boil shrimp in shells 1 minute. peel, save shells, slice lengthwise, clean as necessary
                add shells to chicken stock, bring to boil, strain out shells
                combine fortified chicken stock, shrimp halves, corn, half and half, 2/3 of poblano puree. warm and taste for pepper heat (poblanos vary a lot). Add remainder of puree if taste is not too hot. The minty green color, and the pink shrimp and corn make an attractive presentation (and tasty). Garnish with a few cilantro leaves.

                1. re: Veggo

                  I'm going to try that fo sho. I've been seeing key west pinks lately so it's a timely recipe for me.


              2. My vote is for Shrimp and Grits or mixed seafoods over polenta. Slightly North of Broad in Charleston has my favorite grits dish.....they call it Maverick Grits.... any combination of the following works well.


                Concasse Tomatoes

                Stone Grits

                Country Ham
                Andouille Sausage

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                  We love Shrimp & Grits. Your mention of SNOB's version brought back happy belly memories - Thanks! The following recipe is for a traditional version with very clean flavor profiles. I think it's kick ass!


                2. You could try Pad Thai--it was *way* out of the ordinary for me at one time, but now I make it about once a month. The "Chez Pim" blog has a fine recipe.

                  1. i was wanting to help, but i don't think any of my suggestions would please you.

                    i mean --- shrimp cocktail -- you're confident you don't like it.

                    good luck, bro!

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                      Not sure if any of mine would help either even though I do a killer jalapeno stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon (par cook the bacon before wrapping the shrimp this will ensure both cook evenly) And a Jamin Peppered Grilled Shrimp

                      Better luck to ya'

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                        You stuff the shrimp with jalapeno? That's sounds great. Could you elaborate please? Thanks.

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                          Jalapeño Shrimp wrapped in Bacon
                          4 or 5 Jalapenos sliced and seeds and ribs removed
                          1 lb shrimp (8-10 count)
                          10 slices of bacon
                          Your favorite BBQ sauce

                          While using gloves cut the jalapenos in half and remove all seeds and ribs, then slice in strips (julienned) set aside while prepping shrimp and bacon

                          Start the bacon in a cold pan, place in turn heat on to medium and let bacon cook for 2 minutes each side, remove if becoming to crispy, you will need the bacon to moveable to wrap around the shrimp.

                          Remove shells and devein the shrimp, slice into the shrimp just a bit, do not go all the way through the shrimp. Like a butterfly cut

                          Place the slice of Jalapeno in the cut you made in the shrimp, now wrap with bacon and secure with toothpick. Once all are done take to the grill and grill over med heat while lightly brushing your favorite BBQ sauce over for about 5 – 7 minutes while turning. Make plenty because these are so good you will run out quickly!

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                            This sounds (and looks amazing) I really like the idea of partially cooking the bacon. Between Veggo's soup above and this, we may be on a shrimp diet soon. Here in NoCal 8-10 ct. shrimp are too expensive to fix a lot of so either we eat them all or guests get one each :)

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                              Costco has had some killer wild caught (Mexico) U-10's here lately for $9.99 a pound. A five pound box hit my freezer PDQ.

                              1. re: Fritter

                                Wow! I will be making a special trip to Costco to check THAT out. Thanks, Fritter, as usual.

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                                These are called Snake Bites, at a texas bbq restaurant I used to go to years back. Delicious.

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                                  Never been to texas...I got the idea because I had 4 jalapeno bushes that produce hundreds of jalapenos and was sitting there one night wondering what to do with them all while eating shrimp. I make a killer Wild Turkey BBQ sauce to glaze them with. I have perfected Jalapeno corn bread and now what I have done is placed in a blender with some water and froze them like iced cubes so if I need it to spice up a dish I am ready !

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                                    You should post that idea on its own thread. I'm sure there are loads of people right now with a glut of peppers. Great idea.

                        2. You should try a South Indian style shrimp curry, with a curry that consists largely of sauteed onions, tomatoes, indian spices (mustard seeds, red chili powder, turmeric, garam masala, coriander, etc) and coconut milk. It makes even a half pound of shrimp go a long way.

                          1. Perhaps shrimp in Chardonnay Dijon cream sauce? This is an old Wolfgang Puck recipe and when we tried it...we just loved it! I used fresh tarragon at the end instead of parsley. There is never one iota of it left when I make it:


                            1. Here's a recipe for Ina Garten's Baked Shrimp Scampi, which I've never made, but is on my to-do list. It really looks and sounds delicious. If you make it, let us know how it turns out.


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                                I have made it, put changed up the flavors to more Greek using Katamala olives, oregano, preserved lemon and finely chopped sundried tomatoes ...Very Yummy

                              2. You could try substituting pancetta or prosciutto for bacon and then grilling or broiling. I have done this many times, w/great success. The pancetta crisps more quickly than bacon does, and the prosciutto is already cooked. I like to serve these on a bed of fresh rosemary to get just a hint of the flavor. (I've used rosemary branches as skewers, but I find the rosemary overwhelming.) I like to reduce orange vinegar to a syrup and drizzle that over the shrimp, but you could probably use a reduced balsamic with good results. Or, if those strike you as too sweet, lemon butter would also be good.

                                Corn and shrimp chowder is also good (and would be excellent with some roasted poblano strips (or puree) stirred in.

                                And did I miss something? Shrimp is not sustainable?

                                1. tonight i'm making shrimp in a garden basil tomato sauce over fresh noodles. i'll throw in a few handfuls of mussels. we really like shrimp and pasta--red or blond sauce.

                                  in colder weather we make a greek shrimp bake--chopped tomatoes, garlic, chopped onion, basil, and feta cheese.

                                  i am very fond of shrimp bisque--but it takes the better part of an afternoon since it is really two soups in one--the stock then the bisque.

                                  1. Shrimp in Chermoula on top of couscous, has been one of my go-to shrimp dishes for a while now. I do the shrimp on the grill and the couscous in the microwave. I use this America's Test Kitchen recipe because it is pretty easy, and I add some grilled veggies like zucchini and mushrooms. http://www.mealsmatter.org/recipes-me...

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                                      marinated in olive oil, garlic and hot smoked paprika, then wrap in prosciutto and grill, or just chop the prosciutto and saute, then add shrimp and garlic-paprika oil. Hot cast-iron frying pan. Top with sqeezes of fresh lemon when done.

                                    2. Search the foodnetwork.ca website for a recipe for smoked paprika shrimp. Ridiculously easy, great in a pinch for supper but elegant and delicious enough for a sit down dinner party.

                                      1. Shrimp dumplings or siu mai - rough chop or pulse in food processor, season with soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, green onions, a bit of corn starch to bind. Sometimes I add a mild fish or even scallops for texture. Perhaps even some chopped shiitake mushrooms or water chestnuts. Form dumplings or siu mai and steam, panfry, or boil. Or use pork in the mixture instead and stuff a whole or half shrimp in the dumpling along with the pork mixture.

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                                          sonia, have you seen the new "dumplings" book by vietworldkitchen's andrea nguyen? it's not just vietnamese dumplings: http://www.asiandumplingtips.com/2009...