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Aug 30, 2009 08:00 PM

Price of tasting menu at Spago?

Does anyone know the price of the 5 course tasting menu at Spago? Appreciate the help!

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  1. Dunno, but I bet you they'd tell you if you just called them. 310 385 0880

    Or, try googling it.

    Here's an older post:

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    1. re: DrBruin

      But if the OP did that, none of the rest of us would benefit from the knowledge.

      1. re: David Kahn

        Well, it's not like the OP couldn't post his/her own answer.... or, better yet, if they went to Spago for the tasting menu, report back with prices and dishes.... and photos!

      1. re: peppermonkey

        as of a few years ago, i already thought it was up to 120 per person?

        1. re: kevin

          The last time I was there (about 8 months ago) it was $120 for the 5-course tasting menu (price already includes automatic 20% service charge for tasting menus). But I recently saw on their online menu that they now also have a 10-course tasting menu and I would be really interested to find out the price for it.

        2. re: peppermonkey

          i went in july. the wine pairing was an additional 50 or something. I don't know if the price varies since that was the only time i've been

        3. generally around 100, but it changes. They will let you know by phone.

          1. We went a few weeks ago for an anniversary dinner and they told us it was not available. Umm... ok. I guess. I thought that was very odd. It's not like we were there on a Tuesday afternoon or anything. Anyhow, personally I find their food to be just ok... many better options out there. The veal chop I got was one mean m'er f'er though! Made for a delicious sandwich the next day. And a very expensive one.

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              They offer the tasting menu only on specific days and you should ask for it when your make the reservation. We were for example told that normally they don''t serve tasting menus on Sundays.

            2. Since nobody seems willing to just pick up the phone, I did. Also grabbed a res for two sats from now.

              5 course - $95, $135 with wine
              10 course - $140, $220 with wine

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              1. re: Shortsord

                This sounds about right, I was there a couple months ago and it came out to be a bit over 250/person all in for the 10 course and wine tastings. It was a wonderful meal and we were probably there about 4 hours. I highly recommend it if you can afford it.