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Aug 30, 2009 07:32 PM

Original Pancake House

I have a question about their omlettes. They are so fluffy. I know IHOP uses a little pancake batter in theirs, but does anyone know if the Original Pancake House uses it? I heard they do bake them.

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  1. from the OPH website:

    "An Original Pancake House Omelette is made with six farm fresh large eggs. We stiff whip the eggs and place them in a
    pan with clarified butter. At The Original Pancake House we do not fold our Omelettes, instead we roll the Omelette in the pan so the cooked egg is forced off of the bottom of the pan and raw egg goes in its place. Once the Omelette is
    completely rolled it is placed in an oven to bake. Our Omelettes are quite a masterpiece when complete, so please
    allow extra cook time when ordering one"

    1. I don't know what they do, but I can tell you that putting your eggs in a blender will make them fluffier from my personal experience.


      1. I'm generally not a fan of pancakes or waffles.....but I really like The Original Pancake House. I would recommend the Dutch Baby or Apple Pancakes to anyone.....however, I am not a fan of their omelets at all. The reason is I do not like my eggs the slightest bit browned and the way the OPH bakes their omelets in the oven in the butter....the omelets come out like Chinese Egg Foo Young, which is of course. shallow fried in oil in a wok. Brown eggs have a smell a simply do not care for. I have tried on a number of times, and at different locations to try and get soft, less cooked eggs, but to no avail. it always comes out well done and brown in the pan.

        From what I can tell from the texture of the omelets I've had in the past, I can only surmise there is either water of milk added to the eggs before they are flash blended or whipped. That's the trick to get eggs fluffy in omelets....

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          We have only been to the one in St. Louis but I have never seen them the slightest bit brown.


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            well, all I can say to that is......unless you like your omelets browned....don't order them in New Jersey. ;0))

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. These omelets sound interesting. Have to give them a try.