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Aug 30, 2009 07:31 PM

Need mid-range recommendations for first-time trip (staying in WeHo & Santa Monica)

My husband and I are DC hounds visiting Southern California for the first time in mid-September. Would like chow recommendations for breakfast and dinner (we usually skip lunch). We will be staying at Le Montrose Hotel in West Hollywood for 3 nights, then Fairmont Santa Monica for 2 nights so ideally restaurants that are walking distance from those hotels. We are interested in American, French, Italian, continental, and seafood. Not as interested in ethnic as we already have great ethnic cuisine in the DC area. We don’t need to slum, but don’t need to go to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant either. I’d say limit of $20 for a dinner entrée. Breakfast needs to include eggs as my husband disdains "continental breakfast". Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Depends how far you're willing to walk... I think walking for WeHo is going to be harder than SaMo.

    Near the Fairmont:
    Bay Cities Deli
    Tudor House for tea/goodies
    Joe's Pizza
    Ye Olde King's Head
    Ocean Ave Seafood
    Jinky's for breakfast
    Bar Pinxto for tapas
    Musha - Japanese - I know you said no ethnic but it's close and good

    Near Le Montrose: (you will have to walk...)
    Duke's Coffee Shop
    The Abbey (primarily gay bar but really fun atmosphere and good drinks and snack/lunch/light meal eats or pastries)

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      In DC, I am only willing to walk about 1/2 mile, but since I am on vacation and everything is new, I am willing to walk 1 or 1-1/2 mile. Thanks for the great recs!

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        For Santa Monica Breakfast within a mile of the Fairmont:
        For SM dinner:
        Father's Office (a bar with a great burger and beer selection). You order at the bar and they bring you your food. If you are looking for a serene, sitdown atmosphere, this will not suit you.

    2. Emme & Wolfgang have good suggestions, and I like all of their options. However, Huckleberry (at least on the weekends) is a crowded nightmare until after 2 p.m.

      Near the Fairmount Santa Monica: The Penthouse at the Huntley is fantastic for cocktails at happy hour. I also like Copa d'Oro's hour. Fritto Misto is a good choice for a casual lunch, and I also recommend Rustic Canyon for lovely California style dinner.

      1. I think a limit of $20/entree is not going to be possible. Nevertheless, here are what I think are the best values (i.e. good food that is not over-priced), in no particular order, within a 1-mile radius of your Santa Monica hotel:

        Annisette Brasserie (good food, authentic-styled brasserie)
        Rustic Canyon Wine Bar (good cooking across the board, great burger)
        Musha (good Japanese tapas, inexpensive)
        Riva (solid, innovative Italian w/ stylish decor)

        1. This post has some good suggestions:

          In West Hollywood...

          - Italian: Amarone is a great reco, also consider Vivoli
          - American/breakfast: Hugo's, The Griddle, Caffe Primo

          I would also strongly suggest Tony's Steakhouse. All steaks are $25 and come with 2 side dishes plus potatoes. And they have $5 martini's!

          1. For Santa Monica - just had dinner at Rustic Canyon and it was excellent, but might be a little pricey for the budget.

            WeHo - Tender Greens close by on Santa Monica blvd. and Yatai a little farther East on Sunset are easily within the budget. I eat at both places regularly; consistent, good vibe, good prices, good food. Watch out for the Sunset Plaza restaurants - tourist trap, just saying (sorry, but I count Tony's as Sunset Plaza material). For breakfast I would do Jinky's or the Griddle (the Griddle can be very busy and it's probably 1.5 miles walk, but the portions are crazy - 2 people can split) . Duke's I haven't been to in years, but it was okay back then. Mel's is well, it's Mel's. For yogurt - the Yogurt Stop on SM. For Pizza - Joe's on Sunset or a longer walk, we have Vito's on La Cienega. The Abbey IS a very nice atmosphere, but the drinks are underwhelming for the prices they charge. Everybody else in town is doing 2 for 1 or happy hour. There's also Bossa Nova across from the Abbey. Mexico down SM blvd. has decent drinks and a few nice things on the menu even if the place is weird beyond words. I had a good meal at Amarone, but the service wasn't as good.

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              Joe's (in Venice @ Abbot Kinney) has a spectacular 15$ breakfast / brunch menu.

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                I would also add that Joe's is one of the best restaurants for dinner on the Westside. Don't pass over the seared tuna and foie gras.