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Aug 30, 2009 07:17 PM

Stuffed Derma in Brooklyn?

Yeah, so I'm being lazy. Anybody like a good stuffed derma around Kings Hwy, Ave U, CIA? Can I get some grivnas too? (Don't tell my wife or cardiologist - ok, I don't have a cardiologist. Yet.)

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  1. M&I international (Brighton Beach) and many Russian places sell stuffed cabbage.

    Avenue J and CIA there are a bunch of Jewish deli type places.

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    1. re: Geo8rge

      Thanks for the input, Geo8! But I'm looking for stuffed derma, not cabbage. These days at Katz's it's a plastic tube, instead of intestine, filled with matzoh meal, shmalz, spices, etc, and covered in beef gravy. I was hoping to find a recommended rendition in the neighborhood!

      1. re: noisejoke

        Adelman's on Kings Highway has stuffed derma on the menu, and Jay and Lloyd's on Ave. U has "Homemade Derma with Gravy" on theirs. Sorry, I know you were asking for a recommended rendition, but I haven't tried it at either place (though I've had enjoyable meals at both). And though you probably guessed that they'd be available at these places, I just figured why not chime in? Perhaps the "homemade" version at Jay and Lloyd's would be more appealing than what Katz's offers these days...

        1. re: hhhippo

          I didnt notice this thread and wound up posting the following on the Lucali thread, where the same question was asked:

          "Is Adleman's still on Kings Hiway right there? Downhill? I havent been in over 5 years so I have no idea, but it used to be good. The only "go to" place on that side of Bklyn, in my opinion, is Mill Basin Deli, which isnt close by (Ave T in the E.50s) but good enough to make the trek. I think Coney Island Ave around Ave J still has a deli serving stuffed derma as well ("Essex St Deli"?) and then there's one on the corner of Nostrand and Ave M that looks good to me every time I take my car in a block away... I've never tried either".

          1. re: Steve R

            Oh, right, I forgot Mill Basin. They have derma on the menu, too. Also, I think Adelman's is still good, but I usually go there or to Jay & Lloyd's or Mill Basin for pastrami or corned beef (so I haven't tried the derma at any of them).

            The other place you mention is called Essex on Coney. It used to be on CIA just south of Ave J, but that space was taken over by Mendy's (which is not recommended, overpriced, and bland). The owners of Essex on Coney relocated to/combined with a place called Caraville Glatt, on Ave M between E 19th St and Ocean Ave. I haven't tried the new location, but I quite liked the corned beef at the old place. Anyway, the menu does in fact offer what they call "The Famous Essex Derma, served in their homemade gravy."

    2. I haven't found great derma lately. Usually, it turns out to be too sweet. However, I do remember an exception to the rule. There's this place on Ave L between E. 31st & E. 32nd, next to a kosher soft-serve ice cream place that isn't half bad at all. I don't remember the name. Sorry.

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        Thanks for the recs guys. Seems like a reason to get in the car!

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          I was just thinking that the OP should post on the Kosher Board. :-)

          1. re: Tay

            It ain't kosher if I can get an egg cream with my sammich!

            1. re: Tay

              no way. just b/c it's jewish doesn't mean it's kosher.