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Aug 30, 2009 06:57 PM

Need restaurant suggestion for pre-steely dan concert

We are going to see Steely Dan on Monday at the Chicago Theater. Need a casual restaurant/bar where we can get some drinks and food. Doesn't have to be fancy.

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  1. Also looking for this. Wondering what people think of Rockit.

    1. Millers Pub on Wabash has good burgers and drink specials. The burgers are huge and they actually cook them to order (like when I ask for rare, it is rare). It is on Wabash by Jackson so only like a 4 block walk to the Chicago Theater.

      1. Not far away on LaSalle (and just off it, on Lake I think) are two places with good burgers, drinks, bar food. Sidebar is on LaSalle, just south of Wacker, consistently pretty good food and friendly service. Midtown is around the corner, at Lake and LaSalle, maybe a bit more expensive and decent casual stuff.