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Aug 30, 2009 06:47 PM

Single 30ish female oenophile pescetarian on solo vacation to Iowa City...

How's that for a mouthful?

I'm currently residing in Brooklyn, NY and have decided that when my lease runs out in mid-2010, I'd like to take a stab at living in the Midwest. (As someone who has lived in both Southern and Northern California, two areas of Georgia, New Orleans, Austin, and NYC, I know plenty about relocation adventures!)

I'll be in Iowa City in October to check it out. I went to college and graduate school in Athens, GA and did love the college-town feel: small but not too small, friendly and cultured but not overwhelming.

My goal: to find a few good places to eat and drink while in town wherein I won't feel too "old" and out-of-touch with the youthful vibe of the town but also won't have to elbow fraternity brothers out of the way to get a drink at the bar. I love me some wine (and friendly bartenders!) and there will have to be something pescetarian-friendly on the menu.

Do places like this even exist? And will I be stared at endlessly as a single woman drinking and dining by herself in Iowa City?

Your help is much appreciated!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have never eaten in Iowa City itself, but I was blown away by the great food in two nearby small towns:

      REDHEAD in Solon, Iowa
      AUGUSTA in Oxford, Iowa

      I don't drink wine, so I do not know about the wine selections in these places. Don't worry about being stared at - Iowans are much too polite to stare.

      1. Hi JBD - and welcome! Iowa City is a great little college town, and we do have some tasty vittles around here!

        For a fun vibe, small plates (with an emphasis on local and seasonal), and a nice wine list, try Devotay in downtown Iowa City. It's located on Linn Street, which is far enough from campus to be relaxed, but close enough to still be hip and youthful

        Across the street from Devotay, is another favorite - The Motley Cow Cafe - also with an empasis on local and seasonal. Very creative, but small menu and another good wine list.

        I also like One Twenty Six, on Washington, right in the heart of downtown. Great wine list and very good food. They have just opened a sister restaurant, Hearth, next door that seems to focus more on small plates.

        If you want to get away from downtown, you could try Taste on Melrose. They don't have a website, but I've found the chef to be extremely engaging and accommodating and they have a reasonable wine list as well.

        Pretty much everyone is friendly here - Iowans are just kind of that way! So please don't hesitate to ask if you'd like any more info.

        And an aside to Doug - the Redhead is for sale! Owner is moving back to Chicago. Very sad! But I heartily agree with Augusta if you want to take a little road trip.

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          I second Motley Cow -- fantastic wine list and the best fish I've had in Iowa.
          And FYI iowagirl:


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            Thanks, ctscorp! I've googled Taste a bunch of times and this never came up for me. Odd!

            1. re: iowagirl

              It's brand new, and my friend made it, so I had a little "insider information."

              1. re: ctscorp

                Wonderful - and thanks for sharing!

        2. Thanks, everyone! I'm excited about exploring the food and drink, but probably most excited about friendly Midwestern people.

          (So, if you see a girl dining solo in October, please say hi!)

          1. You will want to make the occasional trip to Lincoln Cafe in Mount Vernon. You can do a search on this board and find it promoted in many threads. It is BYO, so you can bring whatever wine you want. They also operate a wine bar two doors down.