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Aug 30, 2009 06:39 PM

Best Burger in the Davie/Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale Area

I am new to the area and I am trying to find my new favorite buger place.

Who do you think has the best burger in town?

So far I have only tried the Quarterdeck, which was great, but I am not ready to give up the search...who else should I check out?

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      1. Le Tub by far. Just be prepared for spotty service...

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        1. re: danb73

          Listen hear is my 2 cents noooooo burger is worth crappy service and pompous tone for a burger. I will go to charm city, the lodge or my kitchen for that price. I think Le crap sucks for sevice I am not doing it for something I CAN MAKE AT HOME

          1. re: pikiliz

            I agree with your 2 Cents.. I make a damn good burger at home... so If I am goin to go out and pay for it, I am paying for service as well. I hate places that think their sh*t don't stink.

            1. re: SaminSFL

              Jack's, 5 Guys, SouthPort has a decent bacon cheeseburger, and I think it's only like $3.25

            2. re: pikiliz

              Every time I go to Le Tub I have wondeful service, quick, and always pleasant !!

            3. re: danb73

              Another vote for Le Tub. Best burger of my life. I went one Friday evening at 7pm and was told there would be a 2-hour wait for grill food. Went back at 9pm and was served immediately. Service was fine.

              1. re: danb73

                I used to really like Le Tub, but in the last few years I've found its not worth the drive and I no longer like it as much as Char Hut or even Five Guys. The only still great thing is the view these days, but that must be what you're paying for in terms of price and service.

                1. re: drangelo

                  Although my rec is not recent, it is from about 18 months ago, so i guess I must have gooten very lucky, because NO WAY would I put 5 Guys or Char Hut in the same league.

              2. Has anyone been to one of the Char Huts lately?

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                1. re: cavandre

                  I went to the one in Sunrise recently, but didn't get a burger. I had a fantastic Palomilla Steak sandwich instead. Will have to make a return trip for a burger.

                2. Bill's Filling Station...(at least around lunch time, with a group)

                  Nice blog dan