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Aug 30, 2009 06:36 PM

PDX Portland in the vicinity of Lloyd Center - In search of delicious food

Hello. I will be in Portland during October. I will be taking 2 work colleagues out for a celebratory dinner. I am looking for delicious food and some fine wine or drink. The catch is that there may be 2 teenagers joining our small group and my colleagues are not super adventurous eaters... i am a super adventurous eater and want a great dining experience but seeing as how i am paying, i do not want to go overboard for a group that may not appreciate the quality of the food.

I was thinking about Feouil.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Can you be far more specific as to budget?
    Within how many miles of Lloyd Center, so I may better understand what "vicinity" means?
    What night of the week, as some places are closed on certain nights?
    Do you have a car?

    1. Fenouil really isn't in the vicinity of the Lloyd Center. Your best bet would be to go to Meiji-En on Broadway. I think there's a Scottish pub nearby there, too. Frankly from the Lloyd Center it's really easy to hop down 12th and end up at places like Biwa or even Beaker & Flask.