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Aug 30, 2009 06:17 PM

1/2 gallon of yogurt-ish milk - ideas?

my husband's second attempt to make yogurt failed... it didn't set up. and so now we are left with a half-gallon of yogurty-milk. besides bread, what should i do with it? normally i would have fun with this, but with 7-month old twins there is only so much my brain can process at the moment. i'd appreciate any help!

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  1. i remember reading a blog entry about turning failed homemade yogurt into sherbet. my first thought, however, was to bake with it. aside from bread, you can also try using it in place of buttermilk or sour cream in quick breads, muffins, scones or pound cake.

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      Also mashed potatoes, pancakes, and cornbread. You can freeze it (4 oz or 8 oz amounts are practical) and thaw later for use in baking. It will separate and look ghastly, but just shake it up thoroughly before adding it to the batter. .

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        i ended up making cornbread with it - super good!! thanks for all of the great suggestions!

    2. Just combine with some bread, eggs, meat/fruit, spices/sugar, for a strata as the main course, a bread or rice pudding for dessert.

      1. Smoothies?

        Also, next time you try yogurt, use milk with a higher fat content and add 1/4-1/2 cup powdered milk per quart. Guaranteed set. :)

        1. I wonder why it failed. Some reasons are:
          1) You didn't bring the milk up to about 150 and hold it there for long enough (say 5 mins) while stirring. Use a thermometer
          2) You heated it to much (say over 200)
          3) You disturbed the yoghurt while it was yoghurting
          4) The starter yoghurt you added was dead
          5) You didn't put it somewhere warm enough (80 - 100F) or leave it long enough.
          6) You milk was already sour

          As the goodhealthgourmet stated baking is a good use. It provides the acid to react with baking soda to create soda bread and other yeastless risers. The difficulty is getting the right acid / base proportions.

          You can use it in sour curries.

          I have never tried it, but if it tastes like yoghurt you could try adding gelatine. You never know, it could be worth a a half-pint attempt.

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            Whoops - that`s a bad typo. I meant 180 not 150.

          2. You could make lassi, which is a traditional north indian drink. You mix plain yogurt with water, then season with salt and black pepper, or some sugar, depending on whether you want sweet or salty lassi. It's supposed to be very thin consistency. Serve chilled.

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              I second lassi. Salty, sweet, or even fruit. Mango, strawberry, anything goes.