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Aug 30, 2009 06:15 PM

The Gelato Fiasco: Brunswick, ME

Tried the Wild Maine Blueberry and the Nocciola (hazelnut) gelato and both were really good. What struck me is that the place wasn't that busy when there was a long line at the Dairy Queen. Go figure.

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  1. Maine is very working class and parking is easy at Dairy Queen (the one in Topsham I pressume?), difficult in downtown Brunswick. I love the hot fudge sundaes with soft serve at DQ. What is a gelato fiasco anyway?

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      A fiasco is a flask, I believe. But yeah, a serving of (the admittedly spectacular) gelato there will set you back around $4 at least. I think you can get more than one softserve cone for that at the DQ. Or a really good cone at Cote's or the Round Top truck for $2.50.

    2. Yes, it was the DQ in Topsham and also the other shack near Scarlet Begonias. And yes, the name is pretty ridiculous. It's not that the parking was hard on a Sunday afternoon, about half the spaces were empty in front of the natural food place. I do realize the working class aspects of the area, yet that gelato was very good. Their name and product is all over southern Maine, so apparently it’s been taking off. Maybe it’s more popular with the students and staff at Bowdoin?

      1. I had some strawberry rhubarb from here this summer. Yum. I remarked that you could still see the rhubarb fibers (a good thing in my mind) and the girl behind the counter smiled in relief. Apparently other customers would report in hesitant disgust that there was a hair in their gelato.