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Restaurant or Venue for Private Dinner Party in Sacramento

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I am looking for a restaurant or other unique venue to host a rehearsal dinner party in Sacramento. Am at a bit of a disadvantage as I have never been to your city. Downtown, near the Capital would be best as that is where the wedding will be. It need not be fancy, just interesting and/or good food. Any suggestions would be so appreciated

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      Probably 50-ish for # of guests and would prefer to keep it in the $50/person range, but don't want to rule out something if it would be more $$
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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        A friend hosted a rehearsal dinner party at Mulvaney's a few years ago, and was very happy with the food, service and venue:


        If I needed to host a private party in downtown Sacramento, they would definitely be on my list to consider.

        Good luck!

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          Thanks so much. I appreciate the suggestion.

    2. i've been to something liek that at il fornaio and it was nice- it's very close to capitol. also something at paragayr's at 28th and N

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. I haven't been thrilled, so far, with the private rooms that the restaurants offer for banquets- although it's hard to tell from photos. So, I'm still working on this private dinner thing and am wondering if there is the possibility that a smaller restaurant that anyone might recommend would let us have the whole house for a private party. I'm way past keeping the cost to below $50/person. I'd really like to have something memorable. Again, not necesssarily fancy- just unique or special.

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          Enotria's back patio is special and the restaurant is not too far from downtown.


        2. Try Rio City Cafe (not sure about private rooms) , Scott's Seafood (might be too pricey) on the River at the La Rivage Hotel and I wouldn't recommend the Delta King but you might look into it.........I know this sounds funny but you might try the Virgin Sturgeon on the river and see if they will rent the place out for you........the food is great and it is funky!

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            Thanks for the suggestions. This Chicagoan thanks all of you Sacramento folks!

          2. I'd recommend checking out Lucca. My sister had her wedding reception there in 2007 (for about 100 guests), and they were easy to work with and everyone had a wonderful time. It's just a couple of blocks from the Capitol. http://www.luccarestaurant.com/home.htm

            1. Ella is unparalleled - right next to the Capitol and really a memorable place. One of Sac's top 3 restaurants for the food. They also have private rooms available for rent, and you may be able to negotiate a good deal.

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                I am probably too late to give my 2 cents, but here goes. ..
                After reading all of the suggestions, I can only agree whole heartedly with the Ella recommendation. Enotria and Mulvany's are also good rec's but both distant seconds to Ella.
                I eat ....A LOT. Our travel, our calendar, our daily plans, all revolve around food(and wine) I assure you that Ella is THE place you want to host your rehearsal party.
                No offense to Sac, but restaurants here, with rare exceptions (Waterboy, Ella, The Kitchen, Taste..and a few others), are just not of the same caliber as one finds in New York, San Francisco or Chicago (mmmm...Alinea!!)
                I am sure that $50 pp is more than enough to give you, your guests and most importantly, the bride and groom, an evening they will remember very, very fondly.