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help!! where can i get some good authentic chinese style lobsters and crabs at a reasonable price?

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  • may2 Aug 30, 2009 05:58 PM
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I will be in boston next week with my friends, pleae recommend some places where I can get some good all kinds of seafood chinese style, in chinatown or outside of china town, at reasonable price please!!!!

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  1. East Ocean City

    1. Peach Farm

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        Second Peach Farm, with New Jumbo a reasonable second option.

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          Third that: Peach Farm, Peach Farm, Peach Farm!

          Peach Farm
          4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

      2. Is Victoria Seafood on Comm Ave / corner street Babcock any good?

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            Absolutely not.

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              They aren't as good in most fried (salt and pepper) items, but their Cantonese lobsters are comparable...

            2. Jo Jo Taipei Allston usually has twins for $18. They are great.

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                pretty good deal considering that a lobster roll at Neptune is $25

              2. thanks alot for your suggestions, we can't wait to try them.

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                  Basil Cafe in Stoughton 3 lobsters any style for $23.95. Lobster lomein/chowmein/chowfun for $10.95.