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Aug 30, 2009 05:48 PM

Bee Kim Heng jerky from Vancouver

I'm visiting Vancouver from Seattle in a couple of weeks, and after hearing so much about it, I want to finally try Bee Kim Heng jerky. They don't have a website, and I can't find the days and hours they're open anywhere online. I'm going to be in town on a Sunday and a Monday--does anybody know if they're closed either day?

Also...I want to bring some jerky home, and I really don't want to lose it at the border. The U.S. Customs website is surprisingly un-helpful--it sounds like the banned list changes frequently depending on what agricultural maladies are popping up at the moment in what countries. Has anybody successfully entered the U.S. from Canada with beef or pork jerky (or similar products)?


Bee Kim Heng Beef & Pork Jerky Ltd
4194 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC V5V, CA

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  1. I believe they are open Mon....but call to make sure (604) 677-5303

    I see contradictory info on importing pork into the US, but is seems legal to import pork products.
    (from this site


    Food & Plant Items into US:

    Prohibited - Most pet food (US made in original package OK), citrus fruit, tropical fruit, out of season produce, garlic, potatoes from Van. Island, corn-on-cob not from BC; All beef, lamb, goat, bison, uncooked poultry, raw eggs; produce & meats from countries other than US & Canada; Hawaiian origin plants & produce; Canadian plants & seeds without Phytosanitary certificates.

    Allowed - Most commercially grown fruits & vegetables from the US and Canada with proof of origin; Pork and seafood; Canadian & US plants & seeds with Phytosanitary certificate; Most Canadian cut flowers (will require inspection).

    I haven't tried to enter the US with any kind of pork product after hearing the horror stories (Serrano ham being dumped in the bin, etc.). You might have to eat it all North of the 49th.

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    1. re: fmed

      I say go, try some, if you love it take a small bag home and see how it goes. You can get it vacuum sealed and pack it in your checked luggage (not that I'm advocating any funny business you understand). I'm a big fan of their regular pork jerky but be sure to ask for tastes of all four kinds, and try the pork floss too if you like that sort of thing. I'll try to call for you tomorrow re hours and post back to save you the long distance charges... Enjoy!

      1. re: grayelf

        Make sure you reserve some, we went at the end of June without reserving any and left pretty much empty handed.

        We tried to bring back some Jerky from Hong Kong a few years back and had it taken away at customs, so you might want to call your customs offices to clarify. Wouldn't want to be placed on 8 years probation trying to sneak a bag of jerky into the country! ;)

        1. re: taiphun

          Hmm, just called and let it ring a long time -- no answer.

          1. re: grayelf

            Thank you so much for trying! That's a bad sign, then--they may close Mondays. Ah, well, I'll try calling again when I get into town, but my husband may just have to settle for a less-delectable present from Vancouver this trip!

            And thanks to everybody else for your info and input!

            1. re: MsMaryMc

              There is another good Singaporean Jerky place at Aberdeen Centre in RIchmond. It is on the first level in the Marketplace (Mei Jan Hong). Also another at Parker Place Mall on the left side of the Food Court (I can't remember its name). Both are good (in the same class as BKH, but maybe not quite as good). There is Soo Jerky as well (probably the largest operation - their plant is in Richmond). They will all vacpac it for you as.

      2. re: fmed

        Bee Kim Heng is my go-to place for jerky when I visit Vancouver and is pretty much the ONLY jerky I'll eat now ever since I discovered them.. I have one of their business cards... on there they list as being open Tues-Sun (10AM to 6pm) and closed on Mondays. Also try this phone number (604)875-8688. I have the number fmed posted (604)677-5303 as being their fax number.. which might explain why nobody picked up and also today is a Monday. I know this (604)875-8688 number works as I have used it before multiple times.

        I would suggest calling ahead first but if you can't reach them, then try going in the early afternoon after at least 1 pm. I have called ahead first and wanted to pick up some and they told me it wouldn't be ready until at least 1 to 2 pm since they make it fresh daily. Mind you, I was picking up like around 5 lbs of it to take home. I don't know if they will have small quantities readily available right when they open at 10AM. That's why it's best to call beforehand to check. Since you are going to be in Vancouver on Sunday and Monday, perhaps you can call on Saturday before you leave and ask them to put aside some for you for when you go on Sunday. It would be a shame if they sold out by the time you got there, especially since they are closed on Mondays so you wouldn't get a second chance to go.

        You can ask them to vacuum in 1/2 lb portions. That's usually what I like to do to keep it fresh... not that it would be kicking around for that long anyways since it is sooo good an addictive. For myself, I prefer the spicy version of the beef. They have both the spicy and non-spicy version of both beef and pork. The prices are around $20 for a pound... same price for both beef and pork and spicy vs non-spicy.

        Hope this helps.

        1. re: miss.foodie

          BKH jerky is irresistable. I bought a few lbs for my dad and ended up eating most of it. I had to go back and get more the next day!

          Sorry about the phone number cockup. I just copied and pasted it from some other website...I was obviously not paying attention.

          1. re: fmed

            Sunday it is, then! Thanks--y'all are the best!

      3. I always buy a few pounds of pork jerky from BKH when I'm in Vancouver. IMO, only the pork jerky is worth getting. Once you try BKH pork jerky, it's hard to eat the beef version.

        Always call ahead in the morning to "reserve" your order. Their phone number is (604) 875-8688. Once you get there, you tell them your name, you pay and away you go. It's $19/lb, and they only accept CASH!

        A few quirks for 1st timers: The shop isn't set up like a regular shop. When you walk in, you see the big grill behind the counter on the left, a cash register on the right of the counter, and a Coke cooler to the right selling some beverages; that's it. You won't see any "selection" of jerky displayed out in the store front. It's a type of store you would only know about from word of mouth, and it's in & out.

        Attached are some pictures from when I bought from on Saturday to get your stomach going =)

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        1. re: dingmah

          dingmah, why only the pork is worth getting in your opinion?

          1. re: ck1234

            The pork jerky is much easier to bite and it's what I grew up eating. The beef one takes too much work to bite into, and BKH jerky is messy. Their jerky is not dry like the North American style jerkies, it's wet & saucy.

            1. re: dingmah

              Old thread, I know but I wanted to update as Bee Kim Heng has come out with a new flavour: spicy curry. It is pretty hot, but the curry flavour is quite mild. Recommended!

              Also the store has moved and is now just south of Fraser and Kingsway. The new storefront is much more modern and inviting but they still grill up the jerky right in front of you, with little surgical masks on. They take debit (and possibly credit) as well. The prices are currently $22 a pound and worth every penny : -).

              1. re: grayelf

                Is the spicy curry version still sweet, GE? Or, dare I hope, it is fully savoury?