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Aug 30, 2009 05:08 PM

Review of Limani in Westfield NJ

me start by saying that we've heard mixed reviews for Limani and this was our first time for dinner. Let me also say that we were more inclined to go because we had a $25 voucher ($3).

We shared an appetizer of crispy calamari salad. The dressing had no flavor and while there was supposed to be mango in the salad, there were 2 pieces each about an inch long and a quarter of an inch wide. The calamari was more tough than crispy and again had no flavor other than a slightly fishy one.

Main #1 a piece of turbot with a crumb topping. Again, neither the fish nor the crumb topping had any flavor. accompanying the fish were some sauteed vegetable and roasted potatoes that were good.

Main #2 a broiled New England platter that consisted of 2 shrimp (overcooked/no flavor), 2 scallops (overcooked/no flavor), a crabmeat stuffed piece of flounder (a little flavor and not overcooked) and the smallest lobster tail i have ever seen. The lobster was incredibly dry and lacked any sort of flavor.

So, was the food bad? No
Was the food good? definitely not
Was the meal worth $62 before the voucher? Absolutely not!
Was the meal worth $38 after the voucher? No, we would have been better off ordering a pizza or take out chinese food.

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  1. I have heard your complaint from friends/relatives who have dined guess, the business won't last too much longer there, also a big turnover in that location

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      I tried Limani this past Saturday evening, and I must disagree. I was pleasantyl surprised. I had this wonderfully fresh, moist, tasty, melti in my mouth, chilean sea bass, with a delicious accompaniments.
      I will go again!