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Aug 30, 2009 04:45 PM

Chicken Wings in the Oven - Best Method?

Hey all. I'll be making some chicken wings tomorrow night, without access to a grill. I've heard low and slow in the oven is a good technique, but how about broiling? Time isn't a factor, but I would like crispy skin, rather than greasy, flabby wings. Thanks!

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  1. I like to bake them at around 450 for about 45 min, turninig 1/2 way through, but, it can get smokey. I did see Alton Brown suggest steaming them first to minimize the grease, never tried it though

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      Geeee...450 for 45 min for wings seems like a long time--I would be afraid that they would really get dried out. I would roast a whole (small) chicken for about 60 min at that temp....


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        I've done the steaming method and it works very well - it's the same principle behind steaming duck before roasting it - it starts the fat rendering.

        It does take surprisingly long to do wings compared to a whole chicken - 45 minutes is not unreasonable.

        Broiling, I think, would be too fast for crispy, non greasy wings, as the fat won't have melted out.

        Personally, I either skip the sauce and use a dry spice coating, or I use the hot sauce as a dip on the side, because I love the cripsy skin and wing tips so much.

      2. Like mm, I bake, but at 350 for about the same time. Then I flip them over to broil until brown and (hopefully) crispy, about 10 mins.

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          Ditto - naked wings done in the oven are one of God's little gifts to a busy cook.

        2. You shouldn't have any trouble crisping them up in the oven; I would refrain from broiling as they can burn so quickly. However, if you cook them and are not happy with the level of browning, you can always put the broiler on for a minute or two at the end. They do tend to splatter and make a bit of a mess, but they should turn out great.

          1. I do this all the time with no drama. Bake the wings at 425 for 30 minutes - flip and bake another 30 minutes. You will end up with delicious crispy wings. Mix equal parts melted butter and Frank's Red Hot sauce, or any other hot Louisiana style sauce you like. Toss with the wings in a giant bowl. Enjoy.

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              Hubby does exactly the same method - only 450 for 45 mins, turning at every 15 minutes (so they get two turns). Then he sauces them up with the Franks Red Hot/butter (throws in a few extra dried herbs too, I think it's a proprietary mix ;) and puts them back in the oven for just a few more minutes. Gives them a nice hot flavor without being too drippy. STELLAR oven wings. We have them on Friday nights with beer and fries, no better way to kick off the weekend.