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Aug 30, 2009 02:39 PM

Boca Raton and vicinity - favorite deli (for fish and meats)

I was reading that Pastrami Queen was the best for meats and fish, but especially meats.

Any other opinions? :)

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    1. While I can't speak for the fish, Karen and I had the pastrami sandwich at both Ben's and Pastrami Queen and we really liked Pastrami Queen.

      For a less pricey meat alternative, try the Pickle Barrel on Hillsboro just East of Dixie in Deerfield Beach.

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      1. re: RickL

        I sec ond pickle barrel I know the owner great food

      2. Pastrami Queen is excellent. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

        Here's a tip -- if you're ordering the pastrami or corned beef sandwich, ask for the meat to be hand sliced. The slices are a little thicker, and, consequently, a little juicier, a little more flavorful. Lotta places just run their meats through the automatic slicer. The excellent ones, like Pastrami Queen, will hand cut the meat for you, if asked.

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        1. anyone tried Gramercy Park on Jog and Atlantic yet?

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            Yes! My friend and I had bagels there. I had a whole wheat everything bagel and it was excellent! The nova spread was great - lots of little pieces in there. It's very clean and they have a really nice take out counter. In fact, someone was getting pastrami and they gave him a slice to taste and I was drooling (I had already eaten). :)

            I guess I need to try PQ and Ben's one of these days. Thanks!

            1. re: OysterHo

              Best whole Wheat Everything Bagel, you need to try West Side Bagels on 441.... You cant even tell its whole wheat its soo good.

            2. re: smartie

              This is so cool. I bought some bagels to go, this was 2 weeks ago. I sliced and froze them and shamefully I admit it was not in an airtight bag. I just toasted a poppy, kept it simple with a little butter, and it was SOOO good!

            3. First Let me Say.... Stay away from Ben's they are disgusting....and they just got the top ten most violations with the health dept for Palm Beach county...Yum Yum... Good Deli stuff, Check out Flakowitz on Hagan ranch and Boynton Beach, Poppies Deli on Linton and Military in Delray Beach, Poppies also has pretty good bagels, Way Beyond Bagels on Jog Road in Delray Between Linton and Clint Moore, Very Expensive, but very good... and West Side Bagels in West Boca on 441 in the Boca Greens SHopping Center between Yamatoo and Glades Road..

              A New one I just tried and found clean and very good was Gramercy Bagels on Jog road also, just south of Atlantic on East SIde,... I love deli food, so trust me on my recommendations as a x-pat new yorker

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              1. re: SaminSFL

                I just mentioned Gramercy a few posts up! But glad you liked it. Did you eat in?

                btw Poppies is going to start making their own bagels.

                1. re: smartie

                  Yeah I Ate in, Service was great, food was great, whole everytihing bagel was a little heavy but still good... Once you try West Side BAgels version you really get spoiled.