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Aug 30, 2009 02:35 PM

Great spot near Albany Times Union Center for Dinner PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Hi Fellow Hounders! I am looking for a non Italian spot for a family of 5 (all adults ranging in age from 34-77) that would satisfy 2 female foodies who love wine, and 3 guys who think burgers, fish and chips and beer were made by the Gods near the Times Union Center. I was given a recommendation of Albany Pump Station but I looked at the menu and while great for the guys...not so great for my mom and I. We are about to throw up our hands and head to Cheesecake factory up in Colonie because it has something to satisfy everyone, but I'd love to try something in downtown Albany...Any suggestions???

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  1. Price range?

    Yono's (the cafe, not the upscale restaurant). Have not been to Jack's in ages not sure how it is with the new chef. You said no Italian or I'd suggest Cafe Capriccio. Dale Miller? I believe he has a more casual restaurant to complement the upscale fine dining restaurant. Marche? We have not been since their menu changed. I believe it's more bistro fare now. CCK on Central Avenue for Chinese. You might want to check out those menus and see if any of them work for you.

    Wolf Road has nothing but chains. If you're willing to go that far you might want to think about New World Home Cooking.

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      Price range no more than $25 for Entree...We love Yono's (the upscale restaurant) Hubbies weren't that impressed (oh well)...I will look up Marche. I will also look up New World Home Cooking and Lark Street. Thanks!

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        TonyO, how is McGuire's since the chef went to Creo'?

        PS gremlin608 you might want to check out other options on Lark Street as well.

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          I've been there a few times since he left. You wouldn't notice a difference, except missing a few classy people!

          1. re: jaylhorner

            Thanks, jaylhorner. I still have not been. For some reason SO doesn't seem to have an interest in going there . . .

        1. re: Pinnacle

          Pinnacle Thank you so much this review site is great!

        2. I love the Gingerman for the wine selection - it's not walking distance from the TU but it's closer than Colonie.

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            Thanks everyone...I'm doing my homework now will ask questions as I have them.

          2. Le Canard Enchaine is in your price range; classic French and walking distance; historic building.