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Aug 30, 2009 02:09 PM

Send me to a modest, low-key Italian restaurant

Looking for a modest, low-key, unpretentious Italian establishment that's off-the-beaten path,
far away from downtown and tourists.

I love veal and seafood, so a geographic skew to the South would be on target, if that helps.

Would appreciate any ideas.

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  1. Il Trullo isn't exactly off the beaten path (St. Denis and Rachel) but it's certainly less touched by tourists, is modest and low key, and focuses on Southern Italian dishes with seafood, pasta and veal. It's also a BYOW.

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    1. re: afoodyear

      I do second Il Trullo. The ambiance is "meh" but the food is good and tastes homemade.

    2. There's a newish italian on Parc Ave. Di Vito with an ok review from "Voir".

      Or maybe "Caffè Della Posta" on Bernard (corner parc av.) ?

      1. I recommend Rugantino on St-Laurent near St-Viateur.

        The food, the service and the prices are excellent. They also have a table d'hôte of great value that changes often if not every day.

        1. I would definitely recommend Trattoria Senza Nome. It is run like a typical Trattoria was run in Italy back in the days. You have a small selection of main courses that change everyday and is all fresh. Being Italian and prefering my mothers and nonna's cooking above all else this restaurant is the only Italian restaurant I have been to that I can truly say is on par if not better than the home cooked meals. it is located on 9700 St-Michel blvd and is definitely low key and off the beaten path.

          1. How about Cucina Linda on Wellington in Verdun. Home cooking,friendly staff, excellent