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New Thai Restaurant Old Bridge NJ

Thai Shangrila
looks like it will be opening soon on Rt 516 in Old Bridge in the Dunkin Donuts Strip Mall.
Just the messenger, have no additional information at this time.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Thai Thai on 516. It will take rave reviews for me to try another local Thai place. THai Thai is a go to place.

    1. Got takeout on Sunday, very good.

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        Several very good Thai restaurants have opened in the area within the past few years, but we're always interested in trying another new one if it's good. Can you tell us what you had?

      2. i passed thai shangrila yesterday; it's not open yet. it is actually in the space formerly occupied by a decent portuguese grill that i was sorry to see leave.

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          The Portuguese BBQ was actually the daughter shop of one in Perth Amboy (141 B Fayette Street, I believe). I'm going to really miss it, and Perth Amboy is not nearly as convenient for me.

          There is also a Portuguese BBQ in Matawan across from the train station lot. Not quite as good as Village II had been, and they don't offer tostones (plantains) as a side.

        2. Does anyone know if this place opened or if this is run by "Richard" the old chef and owner from Far East Taste in Eatontown? I heard he opened a new place in Old Bridge and am wondering if this is t.

          Far East Taste
          19 Main St, Eatontown, NJ 07724

          Far East Restaurant
          5920 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

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            No 'Fisherman' Richard's new place is called 'Far East Taste 1' It is located at 98 Main St
            in East Brunswick, I haven't tried it yet, but have heard that it is as outstanding as his original location used to be.

            Used To Be's Restaurant
            287 Highway 35 N, Mantoloking, NJ 08738

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              Thank you!!! I will let you know how it is when I try it.

          2. Update: Thai Shangri-la is now open. We tried it last week, and it doesn't seem like it will be stealing any business from Thai Thai. While the interior (and the prices) are more upscale, the food was similar in taste and quality that that of Thai Thai on 516. Although attractively presented, the small portions seemed like a poor value. There was one standout dish, which I believe was called Thai Shagri-la fried rice. It consisted of three different types of meat satay displayed over fried rice. The other dishes we tried were standard Thai fare, nothing remarkable. Service was warm but spotty. It appeared that there was a lack of communication between the kitchen and front of house, as evidenced by the last entree being served not only late but cold. I really hope this restaurant improves to being a truly upscale alternative to Thai Thai. Something like Origins Thai in Somerville would be an excellent addition to Old Bridge.

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              We tried Shangri-La Thai for lunch, and we did not find it too bad. Lunches are $8.99. They do not have a big selection, but what we had was good. For $8.99 you get soup, salad, and the main course. The soup was Yom Tom. It is a spicy soup and has pieces of chicken in it maybe two inches long. The salad is about the size of the Thai Thai salad with the same sort of sesame-peanut dressing. I think Shangri-la's was a little thicker and richer than the dressing at Thai Thai. No tofu in the salad, however. I am not sure if this is a standard price or special with the lunch, but they have a rich Thai Ice Coffee for $1.50. It usually is $3 at other Thai restaurants. My benchmark dish at any Thai restaurant is Pad Thai Gai. It was good with some, but not a whole lot, of chicken. My wife got Chicken Pad Kra Prao. She thought that the dish was larger than a Thai Thai equivalent. The noodles were only about a quarter inch wide. Other places they are more like 3/4 inch wide.

              Par for the course is that I asked for the dish to be "Thai spicy." They did not trust me to know what I was asking for. There was almost no spiciness at all. When they asked how it was I said a-roy (delicious), but it was not Thai spicy. They brought out the standard Thai condiments plate with crushed peppers, pepper sauce, salt, and pepper in vinegar (but there were no peppers in the vinegar). Still it was a good meal.

            2. AWESOME!! Best Thai food around!! Beats Thai Thai as that was the closest thai around here. The Crying Tiger beef salad was PERFECT! Pad Thai Delicious (NOT MUSHY OR OILY - JUST PERFECT) Beef special with honey and vegetables - Great! Had the satay app and that was as it should be! Everything was yummy! Great Service, Very pretty interior, Kids were happy - We were happy, all cleaned our plates! Big Portions - good prices! Fried ice cream for dessert - kids loved it :) Dining room was warm and cozy because they have a VESTIBULE!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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                Ah, yes, the vestibule. It is amazing how many small restaurants we don't go to in the winter because they are too cold! (Shanghai Bun just added a vestibule, by the way.)

              2. We ate at Thai Shangri-La a few weeks ago. The vestibule keeps icy blasts out, the decor is very nice, and service was friendly. But it's the food that counts most to us and, unfortunately, it was not all good. The chicken satay was fine and the curry puffs were delicious, but -- and it's a huge BUT -- our main course "Duck Royal Crown" from the house specials menu was horrible! Since the apps indicate that the kitchen is capable of performing well, we may give Shangri-La another try, but we're not exactly rushing.

                Photos with commentary can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

                1. My wife and kids went there while I was away on business. They gave it high marks but warned the 3 star Pad Thai (vs the milder 1 or slightly hotter 2) will annihilate you. My son likes it hot but it was even too much for him.

                  I still can't imagine this place beating out Thai Chili in Spotswood.

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                    pktaske- i ordered my dish "thai spicy" (i don't remember there being a 3 tier scale available) and my dish was served without any heat at all. maybe they have changed their approach to customer requests.

                  2. My son and I had dinner at Thai Shangrila for the first time tonight. We've tried most Thai restaurants and use Pad Thai in Highland Park as our benchmark. Thai Shangrila is as good if not better than Thai restaurants in Hells Kitchen NY (including Real Pam). We split the Ravioli soup, assorted appet., I had the drunken noodles and my son squid in curry sauce. All Thai restaurants seem to be more expensive then their counterpart Chinese or Vietnamese, in-line with Korean barbeque and so tonights bill after tip and tax was $50.00, which is just south of dinner for two at Minado. Having said that, we plan to visit Shangrila again.

                    1. The food at Thai Shangri-la exceptional!! I have been to this restaurant several times over the month and the food is consistently outstanding. The prices are extremely low price and beautiful presentations.The beautiful atmosphere and attentive service. I highly recommend Tha Shangri-la if you are looking for a great thai food at an affordable price and do not want to sacrifice ambience.

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                        The lunch menu is also a very good deal--it includes soup *and* salad (though frankly the salad served at Thai and Japanese restaurants is nothing to write home about), and there is a discount on Thai iced coffee with a lunch.

                      2. i went to Thai Shangrila the other night and was extremely disappointed. My husband and I were the only customers in the restaurant and we arrived after 5pm. my husband thought his duck was ok but he kept on having to pull large pieces fat off of his food. my meal was inedible. I'm not sure how much longer they will be around for.

                        on the other note if you enjoy pizza we had a great pie last night at Denino's Pizza Place
                        1077 highway 34. Highly recommend getting a pie from here. If you go on the weekends get there early because they were packed.

                        Denino's Pizza Place
                        1077 State Route 34 Ste F, Matawan, NJ 07747

                        1. I disagree with the negative comments I've read below. (The owner did tell me of some vindictive customers submitting nasty reviews following some sort of incident). At any rate, I usually wait for 4 or 5 visits before submitting a review (unless the exceptionally bad food warrants an emergency warning to prospective diners!) I would say this is one of the very best, and certainly most authentic Thai, restaurants around. This is Thai food prepared by Thai's - not by Koreans or other non-Thai Asians not truly familiar with Thai preparations (as is the case in almost all other Thai restaurants in this area.). Well worth several tries. (I generally don't like Asian desserts so my review is not based on experience with any of those on the menu - only the apps and entrees) Here is my Yelp review of this place:
                          I would agree with many/most of the other reviewers that this small strip-mall place offers the very best Thai cuisine around. The place is small, quiet and the mostly-family (I believe) staff is very attentive and friendly, Aside from the very authentic and excellent food and low price, we love to go to this place to get away from the roar of many other Asian buffets and larger restaurants in the area. My wife is Asian and is especially attentive to details of Asian cuisine, especially the quality of rice and in this detail as others Shangri La meets the high-quality test using imported-from Thailand brands such as Elephant. Among the dishes we especially like are the curries, the Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles, and the spring roll appetizers. The chef (co-owner and wife of the other co-owner) is very accommodating and accurate in adjusting the seasoning to any level diners request. This is definitely a little gem, not widely known but by far the best Thai restaurant within many-a-mile of Old Bridge.

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                            You do realize you're replying to a thread where the most recent posting is almost three years old, right?