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where to buy goat meat inside dc?

I love goat, but cannot find it anywhere. Are there any grocery stores or somewhere where I can buy goat meat in dc or at least metro accessible?

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  1. I've seen it on occasion (stew meat IIRC) at the Eastern Market, but only on an occasional basis and I can't remember if it was at Union Meat or the Canales. I think Union, just due to the size of their counter.

    I'd call ahead. Probably something they could special order for you.

    there was a recent thread looking for halal lamb. Wouldn't surprise me if they might be a source to be found on that thread.

    1. You can find it at the Florida ave. market.....there's a jamaican market there.


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        I went and got goat. The lady working was extremely nice, helpful, and she even thew in a few extra's for me. I would definitely recommend going there.

      2. You can get it - and locally sourced - at the Bloomingdale farmer's market at 1st and R NW on Sunday mornings. The vendor is really friendly and loves to discuss her product.

        1. Caribbean Market
          7505 New Hampshire Ave # 101, Takoma Park, MD 20912-6970
          (301) 439-5288 () ‎

          They have it all the time ask the butcher

          1. EcoFriendly has goat occasionally. You can find them at Dupont market on Sundays.

            1. I realize that you specified inside DC, but if you're willing to come out to Falls Church, the Lebanese Butcher has whole goat (a variety of sizes), virtually every cut you can think of, and even ground goat. I've had great luck with all of their products...although for some odd reason, they never seem to carry any pork...<grin>

              Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
              109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

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                It's a halal butcher- they won't carry any pork.

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                  Just to point out (particularly to the moderators who seem to scour every post for irrelevance) that they have an old address in the automatic link to Lebanese Butcher. That building had a fire and is now just about totally demolished. Their new location is around the corner from the address given, 150 Hillwood Avenue

                2. GIANT in Wheaton, MD has it.

                  1. There's also a vendor every week at the Silver Spring farmer's market that specializes in goat.