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Aug 30, 2009 12:34 PM

[DFW] Bedford Blues and BBQ (Festival and Cook-off) - Sept 5 & 6

For information and applications -

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  1. This looks pretty good. Is this the first time for this festival?

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      I read on one of the web-links that Bedford was reviving this event, but I have no knowledge of any previous. I'd like to go, but I'll be out of town, so if anyone does venture out this way, I hope to read about it.

      1. re: CocoaNut

        I have been years ago, like maybe 7 or 8 years ago. It was just 'ok' then. Some odd ball vendors, the area is flat and basically a field, so not attractive venue. The vendors were pretty hokey and redneck. The music was ok I suppose.

        Again, this has been a few years back, they may have upgraded.

      1. re: Jaymes

        I plan on being there to be one of the KCBS certified judges for the bbq event. I don't know about the rest of it although I do like the Fabulous Thunderbirds a lot. I don't know what food will be available on Saturday, I get my bbq on Sunday.

        1. re: tiomano

          Unfortunately my table of judges did not get to taste any of the winners, it was a sad day in Bedford at my table, but here are the winners. #'s 1 and 3 are from Oklahoma and #2 is from Wichita, KS. THere were 40 teams for a first time event, that was a darn good showing for the cook teams. I have a lot of respect for them. Now tomorrow I will make a run up to Sperry, OK for lunch at Buffalo BBQ. It is worth my trip.

          1. re: tiomano

            Who was there from Wichita, I know a lot of guys that cue in Wichita.

            1. re: DallasDude

              results from the KCBS.US web site =

              Grand Champion: BUFFALO'S BBQ
              Reserve Champion: JP CUSTOM SMOKE

              1 BUFFALO'S BBQ
              2 JP CUSTOM SMOKE
              3 BUTCHER BBQ
              4 STU's Q BBQ
              5 KOSMO'S Q
              6 MUNCHIN HOGS@ the HILTON
              7 RITTERS BBQ
              8 TRIPLE A COOKERS
              9 BUBBA CHUCKS BBQ
              10 MOONLIGHT COOKERS

              JP Custom Smoke is from Wichita.

              1. re: tiomano

                Ahh John Patty. Very cool. how would you describe the event overall. I didn't have such a great experice some years back, has it changed?

                1. re: DallasDude

                  Overall it was fun. Some good music, some fun things for the kids to do, and with the addition of the bbq, that was my favorite. I really liked the Tejas Brothers. One suggestion for next year, add a misting tent.