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Aug 30, 2009 11:32 AM

Fabulous Food in Milwaukee?

Will be in Milwaukee for 5 days Mid-Sept./have car/staying Brookside & have been there many times before/pretty much know our way around the city. Yes, I've seen the huge current Milwaukee post with 33 replies, but would love personal recommendations for truly memorable great food - we have no problem driving & probably would not get lost more than 2 or 3 times! Just kidding ! -

We have been to Colette's several times & really want to like it more than we do! Somehow, it doesn't quite hit the mark. Also, Lake Park Bistro is a fav and never have been disappointed there. Koops, of course - love the burgers and frozen custard. Have been to Mader's and Karl Ratsch's - prefer Karl Ratsch's. So, we have eclectic tastes - we just like good food prepared well.

Anyplace that we really should not miss? We got some great tips here in the past - really appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I've posted versions of this reply before, so sorry for the redundancy to frequenters of this board, but I'm a sucker for Milwaukee's ethnic restaurants.

    The goulash and chevapchichi at Old Town Serbian restaurant, the mushroom soup, czarnina and myriad vodkas and Polish liqueurs and beers at Polonez. It's prepared with as much care as anything that a recent CIA grad could put out and you get a real Old World gourmet experience (and maybe some zither or polka music to boot).

    There are some great and humble neighborhood hangouts. I like Triskele's, by the Outlaws clubhouse, which is a budget-conscioius version of New American cuisine (plus they use Sciortino's rolls, which earns them a place in heaven).

    For flatout pricey-and worth it, with ambience-you can't go wrong with the Five O'Clock Supper Club or Sanford.

    I'm wary of the North Shore country clubby places (with some personal knowledge of their kitchens).

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    1. re: Bring Back the Stein

      Many thanks "Bring Back the Stein" for some good suggestions. We have never tried Old Town Serbian or Polonez - have read good things about Old Town Serbian, especially. Sounds good! I think ethnic might be just the ticket! I like that idea.

      By Sanford's, did you mean Sanford's Couquette Cafe? I remembered the name of that restaurant wrong in my first post & called it Colette's by mistake. I've been there twice (see, I even gave it a second chance) & somehow never found the food that memorable! Nice room, good drinks - good wait staff, but was not impressed with the food. Five O'Clock Supper Club - have not heard of it, will check it out.

      What do you mean by "North Shore Country Clubby places"? Are we talking Whitefish Bay & farther north?

      1. re: MaryJane

        Sandy D'amato owns two restaurants Coquette and Sanfords.
        Three brothers is also a favorite Serbian restaurant , fantastic food in an old world setting.
        The Hinterland is a gastropub in the Third Ward on Eerie street. Great food and service in a casual setting. Higher end dining in the main area and a lower price menu available in the bar area, small plate dining is also available.

    2. Opps! Correction to above post! I meant Sanford's Coquette Cafe NOT Colette's. Don't know where I came up with that name.

      1. Also, I neglected to mention what I believe to be the best fried chicken on the planet, at Mr. Perkin's, up on the north side. The sweet potato pie is also worth the years off one's life.